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Yoruba group agitating for a Nation introduces currency called “Fadaka”

Yoruba group agitating for nation introduces currency called “Fadaka”. There has been unrest recently in the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria. Groups have been emerging. These groups have decided to form a movement group for the emacipation of the Yoruba nation from Nigeria.

The movement started like a Fulani Herdsmen clash but nobody knew they had a hidden agenda. The movements most hidden agenda was to kill the Northerners residing in their States. And to also emacipate a Yoruba nation devoid of Northerners. This means they want to totally cut off from Nigeria

The Yoruba speaking people of Western Nigeria, have been known to be very tribalistic. But nobody knew they could go to the extend of attacking the Northerners. Surprisingly, one third of the Northern parts of Nigeria is filled with Yoruba speaking people. They have intermarried and are doing their legal businesses in these States.

Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho and Professor Akintola’s movement which has been targeting Hausa speaking people is laughable. This is because it never took the interest of its people at heart. To this date, the situation is worsening. Yoruba leaders have been silent about the matter. Indirectly, it means they are solely behind the movement secretly.

The recent crisis might look simple but it was initiated out of personal interest. If the north are to retaliate, the Yoruba speaking people would be greatly affected.

Sunday Igboho and also Yoruba historian, Banji Akintoye were the ones that decided to make a declaration. Together they recently declared a Yoruba sovereignty nation. Meaning they have cut off out of Nigeria. Well the repercaution of their actions will have immense impact on their brothers and sisters living in the North.

According to Professor Akintoye, he advises “the young people is to gather together, speak to leaders hesitating about Nigeria, there is no reason for any Yoruba person to be talking about restructuring or a new constitution or resource control, the game is up, we have seen enough of Nigeria”

” we have decided our status in the world today. We have moved forward, let us move smoothly without any violence, don’t fight anyone. There should be no war. We are going to have a separate Yoruba conference very soon”

Well the group has continued its agitations, this time with a new currency on display. They urged all Yoruba speaking Nigerians to embraced the new currency.

Reactions has so far trailed the new Currency declared by the Yoruba group. The currency was to be called fadaka. The meaning of the Fadaka currency is said to be silver which is more Hausa than Yoruba. It can also be called Fad. A twenty naira note was showcased. See picture of the currency below.

Nigerians have since reacted to the news shared by Sahara reporters. Nigerians share their different perspective. Checkout the cross section of reactions below. See declaration below.

In my opinion, what will benefit the those declaring to be cut off from Nigeria. We have interdepent on each other. But the consequences of such actions might be irreparable. I hope the Nigerian government would arrest the situation with immediate effect and out things back to normal. It’s high time Nigeria stand still as sovereign nation. Share your views with us below.

News Source: Sahara Reporters

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