Woman Reveals Why Boyfriend Beats Her Seeks Advice

Alleged Woman

Woman Reveals Why Boyfriend Beats Her Seeks Advice

Woman reveals why her husband beats her, seeks advice from commentators. A woman has taken to love and dating Facebook social media handle to reveal boyfriend crimes. The woman named Grace Frank(not real name) is constantly being beaten by boyfriend. Checkout her shocking revelation and what commentators told her.

Violence against women is becoming so rampant. Most women around the world are victims of domestic violence. During the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of women were victims of one violence or the other in Europe. It caused a lot of uproar from different quarters. Some people even took to the streets to voice out their angers.

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Nigerian Women Are Also Victims of Violence

In Nigeria, a lot of women are also victims of violence. Many women have been brutalized by their partners. Thousands of women had lost her life. Infact, some women have incurred permanent deformity.

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Woman Seeks Advice To Tackles Violent Boyfriend

According to Miss Grace(not real name) alleged that she is subject to domestic violence by her boyfriend. The woman further affirmed that her boyfriend loves beating her everyday. But Miss Grace confirmed that despite the bearings, she still love him. And that she doesn’t want to leave him. See details below.

Furthermore, Grace stated that to her understanding, his behaviors was just testing to see if she withstand boyfriend’s anger. In addition to that, grace said her boyfriend was a sweet guy. She then call on fans of the page to offer her advice on what to do?. Grace ended by calling on commentators not insult her but offer their thoughts and advice.

See Reactions From Nigerians

“U deserve better u are a beautiful woman.”- Jody Waynes

“Okay, It is love!. But my understanding of Love is Peace of Mind. If he loves you Anger will disappear and you will be the source of his Joy too.”-Solomon Timothy

“Yeah, He is so sweet. Stay with him. He can’t afford punch beg so he just practice on ur face. Stay with him. He is so sweet.”-Badmash Sangao

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For now, it’s just one eyeball that’s swollen and so you can still chat requesting for advice. Lets wait till he he inflates the two eyeballs and still tells you he loves you, that time na voice note you go use.-Lawal Abolade

In conclusion, I believe battered women have psychological problems. Their psychology is down. Their confidence is also battered. This is because there is no way a man continues to cause injury upon a woman and she still believes it is love.

What are your views about Miss Grace, should she continue to stay with her boyfriend or leave him. Please offer her a candid advice.

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