Why Presidency Honoured Late Joseph Blankson

Joseph Blankson family with President Buhari

Why Presidency Honoured late Joseph Blankson. They said good deed doesn’t go unnoticed.This was the case of late Joseph Blankson. On Thursday night, 31st of September 2021 at the State House, the State house honored the memory of late Joseph Blankson. He was true Nigerian hero.

Late Joseph Blankson lost his life while saving others following a boat accident on the Abonnema-Bakana waterway in Rivers State, on July 28, 2018. What a heroic gesture he did. Many would have just allowed the victims to die. Well that was not like Joseph. But at last tragedy befall him.

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How Joseph Blankson Lost His Life Trying to Save People In A Boat Mishap

Late Blankson successfully rescued 13 persons. On the process of trying to continue his rescue mission, he lost his own life. He was tragically drowned while attempting the 14th rescue. Unfortunately, he became the sole casualty of the boat accident.

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President Buhari decided to honour his legacy. He was the person who grace the occasion and also presented honours. According to President Buhari, he was presenting a posthumous Presidential Special Award for Bravery and Patriotism to Joseph Blankson’s wife, Mercy. And his two children, in recognition of the greatness and heroism of her husband and father to her children.

President Buhari added by saying that the Presidency will continue to celebrate the best of Nigeria and Nigerians. He assured Nigerians that his administration will continue to work for and look forward to a better, brighter and greater Nigeria.

Every selfless Service deserves a recognition. We as Nigerians should continue to do our best in portraying and attributing good virtues. This is because a better society is built with great minds and positive energy.

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Presidential Honours

Presidential Honours are giving to be that have offered a selfless or heroic service to their community or Nigeria as a whole. It is also giving to people that have excel in their studies and businesses. They can also be people that have distinct themselves in way that is worthy of emulating.

Although Joseph Blankson died,his memory will linger in the hearts of thousand. The State honours accorded to him will also be remembered. Say a word of encouragement to the family of the deceased.

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News and Pictures Source: President Mohammadu Buhari Social Media Handles.

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