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Man Captured in Rahama Sadau’s recently Shared Pictures

By Nana Fatimah Yusuf

Man captured in Rahama Sadau’s pictures. The beautiful actress recently uploaded a picture. In the background, the camera caught up with a young handsome man whom is yet to be identified. It’s like the Rahama Sadau is sending fans a message of a possible wedding bell would be ringing very soon.

Rahama Sadau had been on top of her game and has achieved great success. The actress has undertaken a lot of projects recently apart from acting. Rahama Sadau is into film production and also has a photography company called the Sadauz pictures.

Rahamah has also been a source of inspiration to her youuger ones assisting them in their various skills and career. Rahama Sadau’s sisters l are all doing great things. From motivational speaker Fatima Sadau to Chef Zainab Sadau and many more.

Marriage would be Rahama Sadau’s next target. This is because the actress has achieved a lot. Rahama Sadau is among the most richest actresses in Kannywood. The actress has a net worth of over a $1000,000 dollars and that’s good money in Nigeria.

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Who is the man captured in her picture? . The image looks like Yakubu Muhammed who is also an actor in Kannywood. Yakubu Muhammed is also amongst the big wigs at the Kannywood industry. They can be a pair owing to the fact that they understand each other’s career.

We are not sure Yakubu Muhammed is the one captured in the picture but there is a clear resemblemblence. But we will keep you posted on latest updates on the actress. Wishing Rahama Sadau the best as we continued to await the wedding bells for her

See the lovely pictures below

Isn’t Rahama Sadau beautiful?

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