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Who is Kannywood Hausa Actress Aisha Humaira

Aisha Humaira

Who Is Kannywood Hausa Actress Aisha Humaira

Aisha Humaira is amongst the upcoming rising Hausa stars at the Kannywood film industry. Aisha Humaira was born Aisha Ahmad Idris. But adopted the Humaira as her stage name. Aisha is an actress and also an entrepreneur. She now owns a shop in which she sells different assorted fabrics..

Where Is Aisha Humaira From

Aisha Humaira is an indigine of Gombe State, Northeastern Nigeria. She is Fulani by tribe. But presently residing in Kano State. Aisha Humaira relocated to Kano State to pursue her vibrant acting career.

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When Was Aisha Humaira Born

Aisha Humaira was born on the 25th of July. The actress has not specifically indication her age. But from her colleagues they alleged she is presently 23 years of age.

What Is The Educational Qualification Of Aisha Humaira

Aisha Humaira is holder of the West African Examination Council (Waec)She has not furthered her education. But has confessed to wanting to continue her education in the nearest future. We hope that she achieves her goals and aspirations.

When Did Aisha Humaira started Her Acting Career

Aisha Humaira started her acting career in 2018 Aisha humara her first appearance in hausa film industry in a movie titled “Humaira”. The actress featured alongside veteran actor, Sadiq sani Sadiq, fati washa, Maryam yahaya and Adam zango. Aisha has became famous because of the movie “Humaira”

The film that brought Aisha Humaira to stardom was the film “Hafeez”. It was an interesting masterpiece blockbuster film. The actress acted alongside Umar M Shareef.


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The storyline was centred around an arrogant rich man(Umar M Shareef) who was too proud of his wealth. The rich arrogant man fell in love with a beautiful lady. But he was too proud to be humbled. The arrogant rich man disrespected his bride’s to be family. And even decided to court her younger sister.

Aisha Humaira was one of the main characters in the film. She sprung her acting skills into action and it paid off. Aisha Humaira now stands amongst the most respected, popular and sort actress.

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Is Aisha Humaira Married?

The beautiful actress is not married. She was also never married and never had children. Although in 2019, she was rumoured to be married to Salisu S Fulani. A fellow actor. The rumours emacipated after wedding pictures of the actors surfaced online.

Many fans and well wishers were happy for Aisha Humaira and Salisu S Fulani. This was because both actors are very humbled in their conduct. They also accord great respect from their colleaques and fans.

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Well it was later discovered that it was a scene from a premiered film. In which Aisha Humaira and Salisu S Fulani acted as a couple.

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What Is The Latest News About Aisha Humaira

Aisha Humaira is undergoing many projects of recent. She acted in the blockbuster film “Manyan Mata”. The actress also acted in the just released Bana Bakwai. The film is now on Cinemas.

How Many Controversies Was Aisha Humaira Entangled in

Aisha Humaira is a very humble and shy actress. She has never been into any controversies. Aisha always likes to avoid the things that may cause her crisis

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How Many Awards Have Aisha Humaira Won

Aisha humara has won the Beautiful actress and the most Talented Kannywood actress at the Standard People Movie Awards.

Wishing Aisha Humaira the best as she pursues to better her career. What are your views of the beautiful actress?. Share your views by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase our fan base.

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