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Video Of The Utterances of Pres Buhari On Destructions and Killings That is causing Uproar

President Buhari

Video of utterances of Pres Buhari on Destructions and killings that is causing uproar. Twitter has been filled with different views. This is about the recent comment of President Buhari on the destruction of Inec offices by unknown men. The perpetrators of the crime are Alleged to be members of the IPOB.

Remember, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has been causing security threats to Nigeria. By destroying lives and properties. It has also been agitating for a breakaway and also killing innocent Nigerians. The IPOB commits their acts and disgusing as unknown men.

The Nigerian government initially, didn’t say anything. But President Buhari during an interview decided to speakout about the security threats. And also how the destructions of lives and properties cannot be tolerated.

Since the IPObt movement started, there had been increased security challenges in Nigeria. From the destructions of security outfits, the killings of merchants of good and services, to politicians. The most recent killings was that of Barrister Ahmad Gulak. He was killed in day broadlight and was dumped on the streets of Owerri, Imo State. It was a very pathetic scene to watch.

Do Not Go To The Southeast Unless It’s A Matter Of Life and Death-ACF

It even led to the Arewa Consultative Forum making a travel ban to the Southeast. The Southeast leaders were not happy with the travel ban. But that was the only way to secured the lives of Northerners intending to travel to the Southeast.

Well at last, the Nigerian President had spoken. He explained that most of the agitators of a breakaway didn’t know the consequences of their actions. President Buhari said the government has given them a time to be remorseful. And to change into a knew leaf. But they have continued to to staged their war.

Furthermore, President Buhari stated that the unknown men will be treated in a “language they understand”. See the video below.

Twitter has been filled with different comments and views. See reactions below.

As if the the Southeastern people are IPOb friendly, and agreed to their terms are now politicizing Buhari’s statement. Many newsagencies are now saying it was a genocide statement. This had led to the removal of the statement on Twitter. The President might face a ban like former President Donald Trump.

Many prominent Nigerian politicians have since responded to twitter actions. Festus Keyamo has rejected the responses of some IPOb and Unknown men friendly persons to its totality. He mentioned that the men are said to be unknown men. Why are they now being turned into innocent men?.

The outburst from many commentators have shown their level aknowlegement the perpetrators of the crimes. It’s really sad to see how many Nigerians are responding just because some criminals are to be dealt with. See his reactions below.

In the same vein, Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed has also granted interview to the mission of twitter in Nigeria. See links below.

News Source and Picture Courtesy President twitter handle, Festus Keyamu and Lai Mohammed twitter handles.

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