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Meet Kannywood Actress Maimuna Abubakar Biography Career And Pictures

Maimuna Abubakar (Momee Gombe)

Meet Kannywood Actress Maimuna Abubakar, Career and Pictures. Beautiful Kannywood actress Maimuna Abubakar is from Gombe State,Northeastern Nigeria. Maimuna Abubakar was born on the 20th of April 1997 in Gombe State. Momee Gombe parents are Fulani by tribe. Details below

About The Fulani Tribe of Nigeria

The Fulani speaking people are normadic by profession. They also move from one place to another in search of grasses for their animals. They are mostly found in the Northern part of Nigeria. Some of these states include Gombe, Taraba, Adamawa, Jigawa and Kano States.

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Brief Biography of Kannywood Actress Momee Gombe

Maimuna Abubakar is known with her stage name Momee Gombe. The actress completed her Primary and Secondary education all in Gombe State. Before she decided to joined the acting profession.

Acting Career Of Momee Gombe

Momee Gombe started her acting career in 2017 at the Kannywood industry. The journey has been adventurous. And also smooth for the beautiful actress. Momee was introduced into the Kannywood industry through a director at the industry called Usman Ma’azu. According to her he persuaded her parents to grant her permission to become an actress.

The film that brought fame and raised the Momee Gombe to stardom was when she acted in the film “Mai Laya”. The film was directed by Abdulaziz Dan Small. Some of the singers that featured Momee Gombe include singers like Hamisu Breaker, Umar M Shariff.

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Momee Gombe did excellently in the film. It became her turning point and rise to stardom. Momee Gombe became a household name amongst her film lovers. Momee Gombe has also starred in many Hausa music Videos.

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Momee Gombe has featured in more than 30 films so far. And they are still counting. The most recent one is Bana Bakwai. The film is being showed in Cinemas around Nigeria.

Filmography Of Momee Gombe

Momee Gombe has also featured in many more films. Amongst which are Mai Laya, In Da Rabo,Bana, Ango, Bana Bakwai and many more

Awards And Nominations

There isn’t any records of the actress winning any awards. But the way she is moving many Awards would soon come her way.

Beautiful Pictures of Kannywood Actresss Momee Gombe

Maimuna Abubakar(Momee Gombe)

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Maimmuna Abubakar on Why She is Called Momee Gombe

Maimmuna Abubakar (Momee Gombe has shed light on why she is called “Momee”. The actress explained that she is her grandmother’s name same. Due to that her parents decided to nicknamed her “Momee” to show respect for her grandmother.

How Many times has Momee Gombe Married?

Momee Gombe was married one. The marriage lasted for less than a month. Although people have exerted that she married twice. But according to an interview she had with Hausa TV, she confirmed to have married once. The marriage was short-lived.

Does Momee Gombe Has Children?

Momee Gombe doesn’t have her own children. Even though she was once married,but there wasn’t any product of the marriage at present.

Is Momee Gombe romantically Connected To Hamisu Breaker?

Well there are insinuations and rumours that they are indeed I love. But Momee Gombe had cleared the air on several occasions. She mentioned that she is not in love with Hamisu Breaker. The bond they share is that of a sister and brother. Momee Gombe also mentioned that she also share a close working bond with Hamisu Breaker

Who is Momee Gombe Present Boyfriend

Momee Gombe has admitted to having a boyfriend. But she is secretive with the affair. I don’t blame her. Maybe to avoid public scrutiny of any form. We are wishing her the best. Hopefully she we would soon hear the wedding bells ringing.

Wishing the Momee Gombe the best of luck in her future endeavours. What do you think of the actress.

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