Ummi Zee Zee Blast Unknown Actor In New Video

Ummi Zee Zee

Ummi Zee Zee Blast down unknown actor in new video. The former actress has been in the news of recent. Ummi Zee Zee had came out to cry out about being duped of a Whooping N500 million naira.

Ummi Zee even said she contemplated suicide due to the lost. Indeed N500M is not a money to joke with in Nigeria today. It’s equivalent to more than a million dollars. Ummi Zee Zee didn’t explained how the money was lost.

Ummi Zee Zee didn’t also explained the kind of shady business she did that incurred such losses. But it is surely not an open and sincere business. No persons will released a money equivalent to a million dollars, without witnesses or collaterals.

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Searching For A Soulmate

Ummi Zee had also came out to debunk rumours of herself desperately searching for a soulmate. The actress added by saying that the tweet was the work of her enemies. Ummi also claimed to be in a serious relationship with a man. She further stated, that herself and the supposed lover are even planning on getting married soon.

Well the drama continues with Ummi Zee Zee. This time she made a short video blasting an unknown Kannywood actor. In the video, the actress stated that the unknown actor should deceased from purging in her affairs.

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Ummi Zee Continued by saying that the unknown actor is a trash. Ummi Zee Zee further claimed that the actor will never be successful like she was, while at the Kannywood industry. Ummi also explained that the money she made while at Kannywood, was beyond the reach of the unknown actor.

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Ummi Zee Zee also mentioned that the unknown actor was amongst her errand boys. That she used to send him on errands to buy sachet water.

Ummi Zee also said continued by saying that the unknown actor wasn’t able to marry. That he has to be given a begger for a wife.

Ummi Zee Zee ended by saying, that the actor should stop intruding into her personal affairs. Well that was a very interesting news to hear.

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The Way Forward

In my own opinion, the unknown actor should leave Ummi Zee Zee’s alone. He should face his own affairs. There is no good in trying to pognosed into personal lives of others. Nobody is perfect. See the video below.

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