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Umar M Shareef Biography Education Career Marriage Net Worth Phone Number ll

Umar M Shareef biography education career marriage net worth Phone number ll. Actor and musician Umar M Shareef is one of the most resourceful Kannywood actors. He is a singer, actor, dancer. Details below.


Umar M Shareef

Biography of Umar M Shareef

Umar M Shareef was born on the 15th of November 1987. He was born into a close knitted family of six. Umar has two elder brothers. Amongst which is Abdul M Shareef who is also an actor at the Kannywood film industry.

Furthermore, Umar M Shareef has spend a considerable part of his life in Rigasa, Kaduna State. Till date, his parents and the rest of his siblings are still in Kaduna State.

Educational Qualification

Umar M Shareef attended Rigasa Primary School. In addition to that, he also went ahead to finish his Secondary all at Rigasa in Kaduna State. The actor didn’t further his education before dwelling into the music and acting career. The actor stated that he hopes to further his education in the future. Infact, he hopes to read business administration. This was in order for him to be able to manage his business.

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Musical and Acting Career


The handsome musician said he became a musician because he fell in love with a girl. At that period in time, he was still a teenager and wasn’t able to express his love intentions. So, instead him expressing himself through a song, he wrote it the lyrics and also sang to himself. The song gave him a sort of comfort and also soothed his heart.

Unfortunately, even though falling in love was his motivating factor for music, the song was never produced. Umar M Shareef stated that he hopes to produce it into a song one day. Another interesting thing was that he never asked the lady out. But her love motivated him to become a musician. This is was because through the love song that M Shareef discovered he had musical talent, skills and a good voice. His musical career came into limelight in 2017. This was when he sang “Soyayyan Gaske.

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Acting Career

Umar M Shareef said because he wrote songs for actors, he got inspired to also try his luck in acting in 2017. The handsome actor and musician said he was surprised at his perfection of his scripts. Infact, he even did better than many actors. Umar confessed that he loves music the more. And that is the reason that he focuses more on his musical than acting films.

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Marriage and Children

Umar M Shareef is happily married to Maryam Aliyu. The marriage is blessed with two beautiful children. Aliyu M Shareef and Hafsat M Shareef.

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Extra Curricular Activities

Umar M Shareef said he loves football. Infact, if not for an accident that ruined his career, Umar will have remained a footballer. The musician and actor started football since he was in his primary school days up to secondary school. Umar even secured a club at the State level until he got fractured.

So what happened was that he went for a competition. During the play, a fellow footballer with the other team hit him and M Shareef fell on the ground and fractured his leg. He was hospitalized and down for months. When Umar recovered, he was advised by his doctors on never to play football professionally. This was in order to avoid loosing his leg. Furthermore, Umar still plays football but just as hobby.

More About Umar M Shareef

Umar M Shareef Net Worth

Umar M Shareef is estimated to be worth between $300,000-$400.000. This is slightly above his brothers income. This is because he goes for a lot of shows and concert.

Kannywood Friends

The actor and musician has food relationship with Kannywood actors. But he has people that he associate with that are also closer to him. Umar M Shareef friends at the Kannywood industry include Lilin Baba, Ado Gwanja and many more.

Phone Number

Umar M Shareef has his phone number but the musician and actor has made it private to the public. The phone number is only accessible to close family friends. But, one can contact him through his social media handles. Especially, his Facebook page whom he is very active. He mostly answers his fans from time to time. Checkout the Facebook and Instagram below.



Umar M Shareef Confesses About His Love Affair With Maryam Yahaya

Umar M Shareef have shed light into his alleged affair with Maryam Yahaya. The two Kannywood actore were rumoured to be in an affair with each other. This was due to their closeness with each other at the Kannywood industry. Infact, they were also rumoured to be getting married before Maryam Yahaya got sick. Remember, Maryam Yahaya got really sick. It was the grace of God that healed her.

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Surprisingly, the Abdul M Shareef has shed light into the actual relationship existing between him and Maryam Yahaya. According to the Umar M Shareef, many people have misconception about actors. He added by saying that, the public mostly mixed acting with real life affairs. Umar said he doesn’t have any relationship with Maryam Yahaya. The only relationship he has with her is work based. They are just colleagues and that’s all.


Remember, Maryam Yahaya is a 24 years old upcoming actress in the Kannywood industry. In addition to that, she is still single and searching. Well the actor and musician has cleared the air about rumours and thoughts can be laid down to rest. Although he still added that he doesn’t know what the future holds for the two of them. Since his religion permits him to go into polygamy.

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Full Name: Umar M Shareef

Place of Birth: Rigasa, Kaduna State

Date of Birth: 15th November 1987

Siblings: Abdulaziz M Shareef

Spouse: Maryam Aliyu

Children: Aliyu M Shareef and Hafsat M Shareef

Hobbies:, Football , Marshal Arts

Occupation: Musician, Actor


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