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Twitter Explodes Demands Justice For Raped Comfort Benjamin

Comfort Benjamin

Twitter explodes, demands justice of raped Comfort Benjamin. Social Media is on fire. This is because they are demanding justice for 16 year old comfort Benjamin. The late Comfort Benjamin, was mercilessly raped by some thugs on her birthday.

Some days ago man took to his social media handle to searched for his sister. He mentioned that she left home on her birthday and never returned back. Comfort Benjamin was later found death.

The late Comfort was alleged to have been ganged rape and her body dumped by the road side. At Nassarawa Gom, Jos North, in Plateau State.

Justice For Comfort Benjamin

This is really unacceptable to natural justice. Rape has become pronounced in Nigeria since the Covid-19 pandemic. Many young women had been reported raped and killed.

Some States Government had even risen up to the plate. This was by enactingmore strigient laws in prosecuting accused persons.

Nigerians and also people around the world are demanding for justice for raped and slain Comfort Benjamin. Many had opined that the Police has not done its job in providing security and probing the case.

Do Not Go To The Southeast Unless Is A Matter Of Life and Death-ACF

The public seek for the Police to probe deep into the rape case and bring the perpetrators of the crime to Justice.

Others think the life of the teenager had been cut short. And that Comfort Benjamin has also been subjected to a very dehumanizing death. See their reactions below.

A Peace of Advice To Parents

Parents should be vigilant and careful with people their children associate with. The boyfriend of Comfort Benjamin should be arrested and probbed. This is because he is the most likely person the late comfort would want to celebrate her birthday with.

An Advice To Young Girls on Rape

Young Girls should know the type of people they associate with. They should be open about their relationships with their parents. So that it can be easy to trace the whereabouts of people who might cause harm onto them.

Young Girls should also avoid visitations to young and excited male friends residents. This is because they are sexually active and their adolescent age. And might not be able to withstand their sexual urge. If left alone with the girls. To be warned is to be for armed.

Why Police Wasn’t Prompt on Investigating Comfort Benjamin’s Case

Before the Nigerian Police can key into the alleged rape case of Comfort Benjamin, her parents must report the case. No amount of slandering of the Police will make them just investigate a case.

About Rape

Rape is the act of seeking sexual gratification forcefully without the consent of a woman. Rape definition, unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without the person consent.

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