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Twitter Explodes As Mustapha Bulama Shares Cartoon On President Buhari’s Medical Trip

Twitter explodes as Mustapha Bulama Shares Cartoon on President Buhari medical trip. Mustapha Bulama is one of the most popular cartoonist in Nigeria. The Daily Trust newspapers Journalist is a very innovative creator.

Imagine! the cartoonist can draw lessons and inspiration from life situations and Politics. Many Nigerians had criticized the cartoonist, for not being to opened on political matters.

Mustapha Bulama on the other hand had replied back to critics. He told them that he will always create his cartoons with a free mind. That is devoid of any external factors or influence. Indeed he isn’t biased but ethical.

Twitter has been set ablaze with troops of comments, over Mustapha Bulama recent cartoon works. Remember, President Buhari recently left Nigeria for medical trip. The Nigerian President is used to travelling to London on medical trips. He is a die-hard fan of London.

The Covid-19 pandemic had restricted President Buhari to undertake his numerous medical trips. But recently, the President took a Covid-19 vaccine.

Nobody knew that it was a ticket for him to be able to travel to London. Many Nigerians have been pouring in their minds, on why President Buhari had to always travel out of Nigeria to seek medical treatment.

Truly this a slap on the face on our thousands of expert doctors. The President is really underestimating the capabilities of Nigerian doctors. The change slogan should begin with him.

Mustapha Bulama in order to expressed his own perception of the medical trip, drew President Buhari’s cartoon.

In the cartoon, President Buhari can be seen jetting off to London happily. This was shortly after receiving Covid-19 vaccine. It was a scene to behold. It seems President Buhari really love London. The President had truly missed his relaxation spot and is back to the travelling galore.

Twitter was swift away by the cartoon. Nigerians and fans have continued to pour in their thoughts about the cartoon. See a cross sections of reactions below.

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