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Shocking As Crossdresser Bobrisky Confesses His Actual Lifestyle

Pictures Courtesy Bobrisky

Shocking As Crossdressers Bobrisky Confesses his actual lifestyle. Bobrisky is one the Nigeria’s famous Crossdressers. The model and social influencer real name Idris Okuneye Olarenwaju. He is a brand Influencer, ambassador to many brand, model and public figure.

Furthermore, the crossdresser has hit millions of dollars with his crossdressing lifestyles. Many had call on him for acting gay. Nigeria is a country were gay carries high penalties. If caught, one is liable to 12 years imprisonment.

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Bobrisky Taken.Criss Dressing to Another Level

Indeed, Bobrisky seems to have gradually taken cross-dressing to another level. Slowly, he has gathered so many fans and acceptance. Partly because of display of wealth by the corssdresser. His influence has gingered the emergence of more crossdressers in Nigeria.

Examples of such Crossdressers are Jay Boogy, James Brown and many more younger Crossdressers. They are given Bobrisky a run for his money. But not as intelligent and innovative like Bobrisky.

Many Nigerians are confused about Bobrisky’s true identity. On whether he is gay,transgender or just a Crossdressers. Sitback as we give you an insight into Bobrisky’s lifestyle. He was interviewed by media personality Ike.

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See The Confession Of Bobrisky About His Lifestyle

1 Ike: What Gender are you?

Bobrisky: Both. I recognized with both genders.

2. Ike:Are you a transgender?

Bobrisky: I am just a male crossdressers. Wearing make up, dressing like women and even behaving like them does not make me a woman. I only act like them but I am not a girl yet.

3. But Presently you regconized as being a woman?

Bobrisky: Yes at present I am a woman. I recognized with the female gender through my body shape and dressing code.

4. Are you bisexual?

Bobrisky: No I am not.

5. Your Nigerian passport reads gay?

Bobrisky: Yes I agree

6. Are you presently dating men who are giving you money?

Bobrisky:No this is a lie. It’s not me.

7. But there are rumours that you go out with both male and females?

Bobrisky: Yes, I once thought of becoming a bisexual. I never accomplished my dream of becoming a bisexual. But I still flex with women till date.

8. If by chance you impregnate a girl, will you hide it?

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Bobrisky: Yes I will hide it and have an agreement with the woman. So that she doesn’t expose me out. I need to protect my identity.

Have you ever dated a female before?

Bobrisky: Yes I have once dated a woman before.

See full interview here


Conclusion About The Interview

Firstly, Bobrisky is not being honest with his confession. I am sure Bobrisky is afraid of public outcry and consequences. Nigeria has strick laws on homosexuality. Only the boldest.can come out to reveal their identity. Cultural and religous affliction has made Nigerians shy away from the lifestyle.

Secondly, Bobrisky has recently had a Butt surgery and even had breast implants. Why is Bobrisky denying his sexuality and being deceptive?This is absured. We are going to keep you posted on the latest development about Bobrisky.


Biography Of Bobrisky

Bobrisky is known as a transgender woman in Nigeria. A country which doesn’t recognize LGBT rights. Bobrisky is also known for his presence on the social media app like Instagram.

In addition to that, Bobrisky is more popular on Snapchat and Facebook. Bobrisky was Born in 1992 (age 29 years) in Lagos Ebute Meta Bobrisky was born Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju. He had attended University of Maiduguri.


Pictures and link source: Bobrisky media pages


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