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Ghanian Actress Goes Naked in front Son Act Viewed As immoral

Ghanaian actress goes naked in front of son, act viewed as immoral. The actress, Alade Brown has been attacked for exposing her nakedness to her son. The child is just 7 Years old. And old enough to recognized the sexual organs of adults.

Many people believed that exposing the private genitals, is away of stirring the child sexual consciousness at a very tender age. This might not be good for the child, since the child is still a minor.

A lot of children who are exposed to sexual activities from childhood, tend to experiment it with fellow peer groups in school. This can be dangerous for the child and also his peer groups.

These days, so many crazy acts are happening in this world. A lot of immoral acts and social decadents is been observed in the society. This as result of bad parenting and early exposure to sexual content.

The social media which was supposed to be a platform to educate people, is now doing more harm to people. It’s attracting people to indulge in immoral acts. We see young and gorgeous women on daily basis sharing videos of themselves. These women are tweaking their bodies just to get fame and money.

It’s no longer a news on what a renowned actress Alade Brown did. The Ghanaian actress did the unexpected in honour of her son, who was celebrating his birthday.

The renowned actress took to her Instagram handle to celebrate her son’s birthday in the weirdest way one could ever imagine. Alade Brow’s action was heavily criticized by the majority and seen as a bad example or action from a mother.

Actress Alade decided to go nude in a Photoshoot she had with her son. The actress went on to justify her action. By telling her son that she was completely was naked the day she gave birth to him.

What the actress failed to understand was that when she gave birth to her son, he was still a toddler. But now he is at the growing stage and can remember everything.

Although the actress has since came out to debunk the claims. Alade Brown said she covered her sexual organs with tape but it wasn’t visible on the photo.

The actress explanation can be viewed as a way of covering her lapses and shortcomings in parenting.

Alade Brown And Son

Lastly, the action of Alade Brown can be termed to be a way of promoting herself to the public. Alade has actually achieved that. Since the news had gone viral

Source Alade Brow’s Twitter page
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