Revealed: 4 Things That Helped Whitemoney To Win BBNG

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Season 6 Was Termed Shine Your Eyes

The season 6 big brother Niger show was termed “shine your eyes”. Indeed it shined the eyes of fans and viewers for 10 good weeks. At the beginning of the show, 10 male contestants were introduced and ushered into the house. The 11 female contestants later follow up. During the first weeks more contestants were introduced to spice up the show

The Emergence of Different Characters in the House

In the beginning, the housemates were getting to know each other. They had their individual differences. So many disagreements followed but friendships and tolerance were developed. Each contestant found their ships and housemates that they can relate with.

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Whitemoney was a little bit reserved in the beginning. He also quite. Maybe he as studying the whole housemates. But slowly he studied the weaknesses of his fellow housemates and took advantage of it.

BBNG S6 Finalists See Who Will Emerge as winner of the 90m

Four Things That Made Whitemoney To Win BBNG Show

1. His Name

The winner has a distinct nickname. I have never heard of such a unique name before. The name is a winning brand. It makes people to be inquisitive and wanting to know who he is. All the housemates that have distinct names did well in the show. Example Liquorose, the first runner up.

In addition to that, names and nicknames are items that must be unique to make us succeed. Whitemoney’s singular name was one of the factors that made him popular. It was also an instigating factor towards his winning the Big Brother Niger reality show.

Hence in African tradition, we believe that our names tell a story. It also helps in shaping someone’s life in the future. This is why many African parents struggle to give their children distinct names. In order to make them succeed in the future as they struggle to make a difference in life.

2. Humility and Kindness

Whitemoney is a person that has these two characteristics, humility and Kindness. He has exhibited that in the house and throughout his stay. Whitemoney is humble and had also shown kindness to his fellow housemates. This display of humility and kindness made him to win the BBNG reality show.

Everyone person today wants to have a positive atmosphere. A place where we can conveniently cohibit without passing through trauma. Whitemoney is a symbol of these characteristics.

Furthermore, Whitemoney has proven that we can have a positive environment if we can change ourselves. Because the environment we built is product our making. Many people glue their eyes to Television stations to watch the show because they believed positivity exist in the house.

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3. Whitemoney Was Hardworking and Generous

Whitemoney Was hardworking and generous. Although he didn’t win many tasks. But as able to do house chores. Imagine, he took it upon himself to cook for the housemates in daily basis.

Some housemates had argued that he was being fake with his antics and that it was part of his strategy to win. If true, it has really worked for him to acquire this massive votes. He won by 47% which is a great accumulation of fans and their faith

Some housemates had also criticized his cooking skills. They affirmed that Queen cooks better and tasty food. I think Whitemoney must have learned his cooking skills while struggling out to make a difference in life.

4. Sympathy

Whitemoney had gathered sympathy from majority of the viewers. He had alleged that he had a hard life in the beginning. That contributed to him not going to school to acquire further education.

Remember, the cost of living is high in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Many viewers are sympathysing with his life and want to assist him to be better in life. Wether an act or reality, Whitemoney has used his tactics and disadvantages to make him a hero and a winner in life. It has also given him an edge to win the show.

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Checkout How Voters Voted For The Six Housemates

It is no longer news that whitemoney is the winner of the big brother Niger Shine Your Eyes season six. He beat 5 other contestant to clinched the title. He had over 47 percent of total votes . First runner up was liquorose and followed by Pere. see statistics below.

Latest Updates on Whitemoney

Whitemoney’s mother as come out to aprreciate the organizers of Big Brother Niger. This she made known in a video made available to the public. In the video, Whitemoney’s mother also thanked the organizers for making it possible for her son case his talents. She ended by offering them a powerful prayer for the organizers and sponsors.

What is Whitemoney’s Real name

In a conversation with pere and cross, Whitemoney reveals his real name He made alot of revelations during the Friday party. Firstly, he brought a picture of himself.comfirming he had 18 inches long hair. Secondly he also talked about how he disowned his father and changed his name. This was due to how his father behaved towards him and and mother.

Thirdly, Whitemoney has mentioned that after the show, he will go looking for his father and forgive him for his wrong doings. Because he felt h was under an influence

Fourthly, Whitemoney also revealed his real name in the conversation. He made the disclosure all at the part while still chatting with fellow housemates. Whitemoney said the real name he was christened is Ikechukwu Hizel Onyeze. What a sweet name.

Whitemoney Reveals The Real Reason Behind His Cooking at BBNG

Cooking was part of my strategy to win says Whitemoney. In an interview with BBNG host Ebuka, Whitemoney gave a shocking revelation about his cooking at the show. According to Whitemoney, cooking was part of his strategy to win. Although he admitted that he loves cooking and doing the dishes. But at point, he found out that the cooking was working for him. So he decided to add it to his strategy to win the show.

The BBNG winner gave an aggregate of his strategy. Whitemoney stated that cooking was 20% of his strategy to win and 80 % goes to his actual lifestyle. Indeed, it worked out for him to win the 90m naira grand prize. Congralations for a clinging the prize.

Latest Updates on BBNG S6 Winner Whitemoney

Reports reaching us had it that Whitemoney, winner of BBNG S6 was recently hospitalized. The reason for his sickness has not stated. Even housemates of BBNG season 6 have paid him a visit on his sick bed.

In addition to that, all his engagements and media tour has been cancelled. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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