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Religion:Why Young Kano Musician was Sentence to death

Religion:Why young Kano Musician was sentenced to death. Islamic Tijjaniyya singer Aminu Sharrif in March released a song which was derogatory to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The song was said to have contained some verses which wasn’t acceptable to other Muslims faithfuls. It is also termed to be very offensive.

Furthermore, many Islamic Scholars within and outside Nigeria had condemned the singer’s action. The song which Aminu Sharrif wrote indeed landed in Police net. In addition to that, there was protest around and outside Kano. In order not to stir up an unrest, Aminu Sharrif was arrested and charged by a Sharia court in the State. Since Kano State practices Sharia law.

Furthermore, the Kano State upper Sharia court heard the case. After a careful deliberation and all evidences provided, the judge made his verdict. The 22 year old singer was sentenced to death by hanging for blasphemy of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

The court which was sitting at Hausawa Filin Hockey was presided by grand Khadi Aliyu Muhammad Kani.

The Khadi said, after accessing the case on the derogatory verses made by the accused. And which was made with the intention of tarnishing the image of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, found him guilty of blasphemy.

The judge also sentenced the singer to death by hanging. Many Human right organizations have started to poured in their thoughts. But the laws of the land has taken place. Aminu Sharrif has since appealed the case in the upper Sharia court. The judgement of the first court was upheld.

The song which was first posted on social media went viral. It also caused uproar from Islamic scholars and the Muslim community at large in Nigeria. This resulted to the singer’s house being invaded. Aminu Sharrif was subsequently arrested arraigned in court. You can also read the article from this source.

Source: Ishaka Bello

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