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Reason Why Nafisat Abdullahi Left Labarina Series Sitcom

Hausa Actress Nafisat Abdullahi

Reason Why Nafisat Abdullahi Left Labarina Series Sitcom. Nafisat Abdullahi is amongst the most costly and sourced actresses at the Kannywood film industry. She was recruited by Ali Nuhu. Since then, Nafisat Abdullahi has achieved so much endorsements. Amongst her legacies is the casting in Labarina series. Read to learn why Nafisat Abdullahi left the casting of Labarina series sitcom.

Who is Nafisat Abdullahi

The actress acts in both Hausa and English films. Nafisat Abdullahi Abdurrahman is from Jos, Plateau State. The Hausa actress was born on the 23th of January 1991. Nafisat is presently 31 years old.

Furthermore, the Hausa actress became popular after she acted in the film “Blood and Henna”. in addition to that, beautiful actress Nafisat had also featured in the film “Sai Watarana”. Nafisat Abdullahi acting career started in 2010. In addition to that, Nafisat Abdullahi had worn many awards. Amongst which is the City people Entertaiment Award in 2013.

Nafisat Abdullahi had also won the Award for the Best Actress in Kannywood. In addition to that Nafisat Abdullahi had also won the Popular Choice award for the best Kannywood Actress in 2014. The actress is still single and not married. Although she was once been in a relationship with Adam A Zango but the relationship failed and ended on a sad note.

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Reason Why Nafisat Abdullahi Left Labarina Series Sitcom

Labarina series sitcom is one of the celebrated Hausa soup operas being aired by Arewa 24 TV. The film made Nafisat Abdullahi to rise and be amongst the most popular actress in Nigeria. Infact, Nafisat Abdullahi rose from 450,000 followers on Facebook to above the 2,000,000 fan base. The Labarina series saw Nafisat Abdullahi receiving many ambassadorial endorsement. From Plumby Estate, Pepsi Cola and many more.

It is now confirmed that Nafisat Abdullahi had officially left the Labarina series sitcom. So Sad, but the decision was made by the actress herself. According to the letter shared by Nafisat Abdullahi dated 1st January 2022, she left on her own. In the letter, the Hausa actress has written Aminu Saira her director and co-producer of Labarina series. Nafisat had stated that she was withdrawing her services as an actress in the Labarina series.

Nafisat Abdullahi States Her Busy Schedules That Led To Her Withdrawing From Labarina Series

Furthermore Nafisat Abdullahi had also mentioned in her letter her withdraw was because of her heavy schedules. Some of these schedules include school, her cosmetic line and film production. In addition to that the actress further stated that due tight committemnent, she won’t be readily available for production. And also shooting of the film. Nafisat Abdullahi did appreciae the kind gesture of the directors, producers and casts.

Nafisat Abdullahi also stated in her letter, that she had an amazing experience. Meaning that her contract with the Labarina series sitcom was worthy. The Hausa actress continued by saying that she felt sad leaving the cast. But also have her own films to produce. Remember, Nafisat Abdullahi has her own film production company called NAF Entertaiment.

The Hausa actress ended by saying that she looks forward to work with Aminu Saira in the future. Well we hope that leaving Labarina series sitcom was the best decision for Nafisat Abdullahi. We are also hoping that there was no bridge of contract on Nafisat Abdullahi’s side. See full details of the letter below

Why Nafisat Abdullahi Left Labarina series sitcom

Nafisat Abdullahi Challenges Naziru For Saying That Kannywood Actresses Used Their Bodies To Acquire Film Roles

In a recent development, Nafisat Abdullahi has been furious with Kannywood Musician Naziru. This was because he went public to paint Hausa actresses black. According to Naziru, most Hausa actresses used their body to secure roles in films. Miss Abdullahi stated that she felt defeated being a Hausa actress herself. Miss Abdullahi also stated that she was surprised that an actor like Naziru will make such utterances.

Nafisat Abdullahi continued by saying that she challenged the musician to come forward and mentioned names. Infact, she even stated that actresses that went through such experiences should share their stories. So that the matter can be legally addressed. Infact she mentioned that what the musician was saying was bring down syndrome. See letter below for more details on the story.

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What are your views about Nafisat Abdullahi leaving Labarina series sitcom?Will you miss her? Share your fears and concerns with us. Don’t forget to like and share the article.

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