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Reactions as Fani Kayode Calls Gumi Terrorist, Evil and Quintessential Janjaweed

Fani Kayode and Sheik Ahmad Gumi

Reactions s Fani Kayode calls Gumi terrorist, evil and Quintessential Janjaweed. Fani Kayode has never hide the fact that he is enemies with APC and most of their supporters. Fani Kayode has been in the news of recent of always critizing the Buhari led administration.

Fani Kayode shares different perspective with regards to political affiliation with APC. He is presently with the PDP but friends with some APC politicians. This has made many to think he had decamped.

The activist and politician recently made derogratory statements about Sheik Ahmad Gumi. Remember, the Islamic clerics had shown his support to the bandits terrorizing Nigeria. He had asserted that the bandits were driven into banditry due to eligligence from the Government.

Many people have condemned his views siting the evil acts being perpatrated by the Terrorist. In fact, most respondents mentioned that the bandits have committed many evil deeds. And that there isn’t any justification for their acts.

Gumi on the other hand, had also mentioned that the Kaduna State government was the one that choosed him to become an arbitrator.

Gumi also mentioned that since he became an arbitrator, there had been changes in the lifestyles of the bandit. This was because they are repenting and responding to his call.

Gumi further stated that he has been doing a lot preaching to the bandits, to embrace Islam wholeheartedly. And to give peace a chance.

The relationship between Gumi and the bandits is not being accorded by many Nigerians. Amongst such persons is Fani Kayode.

The activist has become a Christian crusader. Fani has been saying degretory statements about Islam and fortifying Christianity. Most Muslims view his thoughts as being too personal and a hate speech.

Fani Kayode recently blasted Gumi, leveled him with serious allegations. He said that Fani Kayode cl Gumi terrorist,evil quintessential janjaweed.

According to Fani Kayode, he said Gumi was the personification of unadulterated pure evil. He also mentioned that Gumi was quintessential Janjaweed Terrorist. See his tweets below

There are two parties commenting about the assertions. Those that supported Fani Kayode and those against his statement. See a cross section of reactions below.

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