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Reactions as Cris Galera Seek For Divorce 90 Days After Marrying Herself

Reactions as Cris Galera Seek For Divorce 90 Days After Marrying Herself. Reactions has trailed Chris Galera decision to seek For Divorce 90 Days After Marrying Herself in grant ceremony. It is being said that love can knock at our corners at anytime. People around the world have continue to voice out their feelings. This was after a 33 year old model who got married to herself, decided to divorce herself 3 just months later. Read for more details.


Why Did Cris Galera Got Married To Herself

The beautiful Brazilian model from Sao Paulo got tired of the fake love men were professing towards her. Cris Galera then did the unthinkable and get married to her own self. According to Cris Galera, she had dated men in the past but grew out of love from these men in past. Subsequently, she decided to make the ultimate decision to marry herself for her own peace of mind.

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Many people around the world had criticized her decision and the nature of her marriage. Due to the absence of a groom present. But to Miss Galera, it was a normal situation. Miss Galera even mentioned that she has no regret getting married without a groom physically present to take the marital rights together .

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Cris Galera is now making a U-turn over her decision. She had now made another drastic decision to divorce herself after 90 days of getting married to her own self. This is because she has fallen in love with a special man. Apparently a person whom she perseived to be different from all the men she had dated in the past. According a post by Paradise Report, Cris Galera had mentioned about the man she recently. The man Miss Galera said is someone special. And had even went ahead to fall in love with him.

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Why Cris Galera Decided To Seek For Divorce and Free Herself

Well human beings are unpredictable. Today we believe in a new phenomenon, tomorrow we change our views. Indeed, this is what makes us to be unique. Having a sense of reasoning and understanding. And also adopting change as a means development. Although people share different opinion about her decision. Majority believed it came too soon and that she cheated on herself which they believed was also wrong. See Reactions below.

See What People Are Saying About Cris Galera Change of Heart To Divorce Herself

So she cheated on her self before she found her soul mate-Edwin Mutwiri

I think Eve and the snake changed their conversation when they heard footsteps!!!! Probably the fruit was not the topic. Coz this gender is fiercely unpredictable- Gidunga Haroon

Nowadays when you are married the right person approaches you. Earth is harder- Jasmine

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This world is full of surprises , first of all how can you marry yourself and there are soo many sons of pharaoh out there searching for wives , surely earth is hard , God bless that man who made her divorce herself-Kim Peter

I tell people, you only meet the love of your life once you get married 🤣🤣🤣🤣-Ganirah

Ladies,see what desperation can do.I believe if sin had not entered earth,every woman and man would be having the right partner-Tony

What are your views?Was Cris Galera right to cheat on herself and seek for divorce?Share your views by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase our views.

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