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Rahama Sadau Makes Debut In Bollywood Industry

Rahama Sadau makes debut in Bollywood. The beautiful has been trying to penetrate the Bollywood industry to increase her acting presence.

Indeed Rahama is ambitious. She wants to her name to heard here and outside Nigeria. The actress had earlier on been touring countries like Turkey. She had met with many directors and film producers to increase her acting skills.

Furthermore, Rahama Sadau is the only Kannywood actress who can speak Hindu language fluently. Suprisingly, she learnt the language through watching Indian films. So it’s not a new thing to see her trying to get into the Bollywood industry. It will be easy for her to assimilate the content and get adapted to their culture. Since she speaks their language fluently.

Kannywood Industry and Bollywood

The Kannywood film industry has a history with Bollywood. Most of their actings techniques and settings are similar to that of Bollywood. They sing, dance and act like it’s being stage in Bollywood. Furthermore, the storyline of their film production is similar, that is love story.

Rahama Sadau Feature In The Film Khuda Haafiz

Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau is lucky to be featured in the film  “Khuda Haafiz”. The film is a season series sitcom being aired in India. The film is being directed by actor and producer Vidyut Jawallions.

Congralations for our beautiful Rahama Sadau for the achievements she made by meeting with producer Vidyut Jamwallions. She also met with Ruhksar Rehman on the set. The actress  had earlier on posted a picture of herself carrying a poppy pet she met from the film Khuda Haafiz. Miss Sadau explains how she met her sweet pet on set. See her pictures pictures with different Bollywood actors below.

See Pictures of The Actress Below

See Recent Sweet Pictures of Rahama Sadau With Sisters

About Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau is a Kannywood actress based in Nigeria. She is 27 years . The actress is presently amongst the most celebrated actors in the entertaiment industry. This is because she is versatile and acts in the two giant film industries in Nigeria.

Miss Sadau has dwell into film production under the label Sadauz pictures. The actress first film was Rariya. It was a magnificent storyline.

She also co-produced the film “Plan”. A thriller masterpiece in English being on DSTV. Another great achievement of Rahama Sadau is the film sons of the Caliphate.  The film was a success story and is also being sure by African magic TV. The film brought about a different storyline to viewers, where they saw the tussle and huddle of love.

Kannywood Actress Hafsat Idris The Actress Who Enjoys Publicity

One of  the achievement of  Rahama Sadau film production was that it raised the actress up to the top of the ladder. Rahama Sadau has gone through a lot tribulations. The actress has into one drama or the other.

Rahama Sadau Being Criticized For Her Dressing Cod

Rahama Sadau has been criticized on many occasion over her dressing code. Many fans have frown against the choices dresses. This is because she represent the Northern part of Nigeria where Adhering to culture and religion is paramount.

Due to her dressing uncultured dressing she was banned from participating in Kannywood films. Just because she wore a cloth that showed her bare back. Present, she is still observing the ban. But due to her innovation, she has decided to try other film industries like Nollywood and Bollywood. Indeed talent pays.

The actress is a strong woman because she was able to passed through her crisis. And wax more stronger to continue her work. She joined hands in the film production of the film the “Plan”.

Wishing Rahama Sadau the best of luck in her casting on a film set in India. We would keep you posted on the latest development.

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