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Rahama Sadau Gushes Over Indian Director Faruk Kabir Shows Appreciation

Faruk Kabir and Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau Gushes over Indian Director Farouk Kabir Shows Appreciation. The beautiful Kannywood actress appreciate her mentor and producer of Khuda Khadiz.

Remember, Rahama is in India shooting the Chapter 2 of the celebrated film Huda Khafiz. Miss Sadau would be featuring in the sitcom. Detail below.

The celebrated Kannywood actress took to her social media handles to appreciate Farouk Kabir. This was for the role he played in noticing her skills and talents and giving her the opportunity to showcase it.

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See Why Rahama Sadau Said Faruk is a Hero

According to Rahama Sadau, Faruk Kabir is a hero to her. He is also the best of all person she look upon as heroes. Miss Sadau continued by saying, that no words were enough to explain her gratitude.

Firstly, Rahama Sadau said Kabir Faruk has proven to be the sweetest, kindest, amazing and supportive friend. Kannywood actress turned Bollywood actor stated that she couldn’t have wished for someone better.

Miss Sadau added by saying, that she is one of the persons that easily acknowledged that the hero of a film is the Director.

Secondly, Rahama went further to said that is grateful for Faruk Kabir making her part of his beautiful journey. This is because Rahama Sadau had in the past, been awaiting for such a gigantic opportunity of become a star actress in Indian films.

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Thirdly, Rahama said Faruk Kabir might have not realized what he did to her. To Rahama Sadau, he actually made her dreams come true. Faruk Kabir also gave her a whole new different experience addes to her craft.

Furthermore, Rahama Sadau added by showing her profound gratitude and earnest appreciation to the vibrant producer. She further stated that Faruk Kabir is the brain behind all of the magic being created for all the actors in his film.

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In addition to that, Miss Sadau said Faruk Kabir puts in alot of efforts which helped to bring out the best from all his actors. Rahama Sadau continued by saying, that her being featured in the film “Khuda Khafiz” Chapter 2 is a life time achievement.

Hence, Rahama Sadau said the only way to thank  director was to continue to prayer for him. In addition to that, Sadau said she will continue to propagate him name to the world. By informing them of his good works and  also the outcome of the Khuda Khafiz.

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The actress, dancer and social Influencer said that Faruk Kabir’s talent is inimitable.  Rahama Sadau also said his passion and dedication towards his craft is most amazing and inspiring.

Nevertheless, Rahama Sadau said her heart has been deeply touched by the Director’s warmth. In Rahama Sadau’s perception, Faruk Kabir means a lot to her. Hence Sadau’s prayers is for a long lasting friendship I to exist between  Aminthem says Rahama Sadau.

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Miss Sadau Said She Was Earnestly Honoured and Touch

Lastly, Miss Sadau said she is earnestly honored and touched by Faruk Kabir unmatched and unwavering gesture. To say, the director is the best she has ever worked with is underselling said Rahama Sadau. Rahama Sadau ended by saying that hopefully one day, she will find a word to use in describing Faruk Kabir.

About Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau is a Nigerian actress who works in the Nolllywood and Kannywood film industries. In addition to that, she is an entrepreneur, dancer,actress,director and producer. The public figure recently made her debut in the Chapter 2 of Khuda Khafiz. The film scheduled to be released in the market soon.

Director and film producer Farouk Kabir was the one who gave Rahama Sadau the chance to be featured. Miss is presently in India shooting the film. Acting in an Indian sitcom would be easy for Rahama Sadau because she speaks Hindi language fluently.

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Lessons To Learn From Rahama Sadau’s Debut in Indian films

1. Firstly, don’t be discouraged by any failures in life. The more we struggle the higher we excel.

2. Secondly, there is no limit to success as long as we are alive. The sky is always our limit.

3. Thirdly, Learning a new language is a milestone. You don’t know when it will be useful to you.

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4.  Fourthly, learning skills and craft is a step towards innovation. Learn one today to excel in your career.

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