Rahama Sadau and Ray of Hope Foundation, Aisha Sadau’s Graduation

Rahama Sadau and Ray of Hope foundation Aisha Sadau’s graduation. Rahama Sadau is one of the most popular, celebrated and successful actresses in Kannywood film industry. She has diversified her skills and talents to all corners. Rahama Sadau is a talent to reckon with.

The actress has successfully blended most of her other talents to make her more productive. She is now a film producer and director. Rahama also has other businesses. Examples of such are her Sadau’s Cusine, Sadau’s makeup line,Ray of Hope Foundation and many more.

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Ray of Hope Foundation

Ray of Hope foundation is a non governmental organization that was set up by Rahama Sadau. Its motive was to render assistance to the less prievileige and people in great needs.

How Ray of Hope Foundation Started

Ray of Hope foundation started 5 years ago by Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau. It started with humanitarian services under the umbrella of a non-profit organization.

Due to demands for Humanitarian services, they decided to extend their services. The Ray of Hope Foundation Africa was a bigger vision and a sister umbrella of the NGO.

Vision of Ray of Hope Foundation

The vision of Ray of foundation is many. Amongst which includes the betterment of lives, visiting IDP camps, orphanage visitation, Almajiri , physically challenged individuals, eradication of poverty, sharing of palliatives to cushion the effect of COVID-19 and skills acquisition programs.

According to Rahama Sadau, it has been a gratifying journey full of heartwarming adventures and lessons.

Celebration of 5 Anniversary of Ray of Hope Foundation

Ray of Hope Foundation recently celebrated it’s 5 years anniversary. Rahama Sadau recently took to her social media handle on 12th of August to share the good news.

Ray of Hope Foundation celebrated their 5th year of giving back to the society. The founder of the NGO was grateful and thankful to all those concerned individuals who helped and supported them towards this long-walk of service.

Rahama Sadau extended her sincere appreciation of their endless gratitude and unwavering appreciation go to our abled and dogged members who swam through these years of nonstop service to better the life of the less privilege.

In a related development, Rahama Sadau’s sister Aisha Sadau recently graduated with flying colors from Northeast University.

Aisha Sadau is now a certified qualified Architect. This really a great achievement to the Sadau’s family with a total of 5 graduates in the family. Their parents are really proud of their Ward’s for excelling and exhibiting and examplinary distinct characters.

Welcome to the world of architectural drawings and designs Aisha Sadau. The world is diversify with many opportunities for her to grab and actualized.

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References and Pictures: Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau Social media handles.

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