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President Buhari Left Critics Speechless With Latest Interviews

President Buhari

President Buhari his critics speechless with his latest interview The Nigerian President left many Nigerians speechless, after giving an in-depth of the problems Nigeria is facing. This he made public in ane interview granter Arise TV crews which consist of veteran journalists.

The interview has falsified the detractors claims that President Buhari was supposed to be demented house. But the Buhari that chatted with the Arise team was someone that knows the what is happening in Nigeria. He wasn’t the military dictator of 1984. But he wasn’t the picture of an old man who has lost long-term his memory.

Revelations Of The Interview By President Buhari

Firstly, during the interview, President Buhari was lively. He cracked jokes, threw innuendos, and dodged difficult questions. Sometimes he used unsettling analogies like “a dot in a circle”. But we know he alluded to the landlocked nature of the South East geopolitical zone.

President Buhari secondly wonderedl on why those who immense wealth,spread all over the country, would champion the call for a whirlwind.

Thirdly, President in the past has never been spoken deeply on issues. But discussed on a wide range of issues. Buhari also showed he wasn’t the switched-off man they painted him.

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Buhari can be misquoted and querelled for not having sold himself to the people through these media chats in the past But naturally, President has always held ultra-conservative positions and clung to his biases. He also left the impression to people.

President Buhari is passionate the Niger Republic, and wishes to give them rail at a huge cost to the country. Buhari can’t pull wool over our eyes with tales of commercial viability.

Buhari’s idea of cattle rearing is antiquated. So he is stuck on cattle routes and grazing areas. Buhari didn’t even mince words on APCs zoning.

President Buhari thinks the army Chief must be a man who has seen battle. But doesn’t answer the question of inclusion. Why won’t the commander in chief send people from all inclusion. Whether he answered this or not it’s clear to anyone in the Northeast that there is inclusion. Soldiers from all the four regions of Nigeria are in the Northeast.

The Arise team was so surprised by his lucidity that the lady congratulated him for surmounting his health challenges. President Buhari remembered those he locked up in Kirikiri in 1984.

President Buhari said he asked those he locked to prove their innocence and legitimacy of the looted assets but they didn’t. Buhari worries about the reaction of the international community. But he discussed the problem of the immortality of corruption and hinted that it would take thorough-going criminal justice reforms.

In addition, Buhari s spoke about nthe activities of the bandits in the northwest, in the language they would understand. Buhari said the bandits had started suffering heavy casualties.

Lastly, President Buhari talked about a lot of issues and silenced his critics. He discussed about he problems bedeviling Nigeria and measures to be taken. Most of the people who usually talked about Buhari are being political about it.

We are hoping that more of these media chats would be conducted. So that Nigerians will be enlightened about the various policies.

In another development, President Buhari granted another live broadcast about June 12. In the broadcast he discuses about the Nigerian State. Let’s look at the lessons to derived from the public speech.

Lessons To derived From The June 12 Speech By President Buhari

1. President Buhari said he enjoined all Nigerians to commemorate on the June 12 democracy day.

2. He mentioned that democracies will always be going through improvement process. It will also go through our desires to achieve our goals and aspirations as nation. And to become a strong intergrated nation recognized globally.

3. That the Nigerian State has witnessed a lot of testy challenges that will have destroyed other nations. Meaning in terms of security. But we remained strong.

4. Buhari mentioned that Nigerian has that indefatagable spirit of I CAN DO It. That it was what has sustained us and will continue to do it for us.

5. That some people have unfortunately resulted to violence and destructions of properties and lives. According to Buhari, it has brought us backwards.

6. President Buhari rendered his heart felt condolences to the victims of violence across Nigeria. He also discussed about the victims of Insecurity, kidnappings, forced imprisonment and the trauma.

7. President Buhari promised to bring the criminal elements to book.

8. That he was greatly affected by the kidnappings and Insecurity and will always deploy security to rescue Nigerians. And bring the perpetrators to book.

9. President Buhari recalled how he met Nigeria in security challenge. He promised to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians. And to possibly end the security challenges in the future.

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