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President Buhari Full Last Democracy Speech 2022

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria

President Buhari Full Last Democracy Speech 2022. Indeed this the last speech of President Buhari as a sitting Nigerian President. Infact even President Muhammadu Buhari had also told Nigerians that he will no longer address them as the country’s leader on Democracy Day come 2023. . Details below.

In President Muhammadu Buhari’s democracy speech, he emphasized in the difficulties he experienced. Buhari also mentioned his triumph. And also accomplishments of his administration in the 2922 democracy speech speech.

Firstly, President Buhari mentioned that he was particularly pleased with the primary elections for the 2023. He stated that political groups acted with decorum.

President Buhari Promised This For Nigerians

Furthermore, the president also promised that his successor will be chosen in a transparent manner. He then urged Nigerians to utilize their right to vote. Well the ball is in the Court of Nigerians to either vote wisely or abused their rights. Money has always played a role in Nigeria’s politics. This can be attested by the way money was splashed during the APC and PDP Presidential Primaries.

In his words, President Buhari said”Dear Nigerians, I did want to express my heartfelt condolences Today, June 12th, is another Democracy Day. It is also an opportunity to commemorate our country’s freedom and solidarity.

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Furthermore, President Buhari mentioned that Since 1999, Nigeria has observed Democracy Day. This was in order to commemorate the end of military dictatorship. He added by saying that democracy was return of authority and control to those who were democratically furthermore, President Buhari also mentioned that Nigerians have reaffirm their commitment to safeguarding and preserving democracy’s values on this day.”

Reasons Why Democracy Was Shifted From May 29th To June 12th

In addition to that, President Buhari also said that 2018, we shifted Democracy Day from May 29th to June 12th. The alteration was made to remind all Nigerians of a free election that took place. But in which the assumed winner, as well as Nigerians as a whole, were denied their rights and freedom of choice.

To President Buhari, he agreed that On June 12th, 1993, Nigerians saw the best in each other. This as why Nigerians all went out to vote in a peaceful manner. Although the elections were invalidated on June 24th, 1993. He maintained that Nigerians witnessed the worst of our governance.

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However, Buhari continued by saying that the sacrifices made by the heroes of Nigerian democracy in 1993 must never be forgotten. He argued that their patriotism and nonviolent struggle should influence our activities. Especially in terms of electing and holding accountable our leaders, both now and in the future.”

My Final Democracy Speech as a Nigerian President-Buhari

President Buhari also stated that this was his final Democracy Day address as our President. Buhari added by saying that by June 12th, 2023,. Nigeria will have a new President. It will be exactly one year from today he stated. President Buhari mentioned that he is dedicated to ensuring that the new President is chosen in a peaceful and open manner.”

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Buhari also then urged Nigerians to unite in honor of Chief MKO Abiola, the self-proclaimed winner of the annulled presidential election on June 12, 1993.”

Lastly, President Buhari eneded by saying that, it’s critical for all Nigerians to remember that the Presidential elections of 1993. He added by saying that the elections will be 30 years ago on June 12th, 2023. So all Nigerians must all work together to secure a peaceful transition in honor and memory of one of our national heroes for democracy, Chief M.K.O Abiola, GCFR.

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