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Pre-Wedding Pictures of Kannywood Actress Amal Umar

Amal Umar and Groom

Pre-wedding pictures of Kannywood actress Amal Umar and her groom. The actress recently shared the pictures and it was takeaway. Indeed, marriage is a very important aspect of our lives.

Why We Should Try Marriage as Union

Marriage brings a new chapter for us. Infact, we go through a lot of obstacles in marriage. There would always be good and bad times in marriage. But, committed couples always wax stronger because of love. Marriage built with love tend to survive more than the one built on wordly things or benefits.

About Pre-Wedding Pictures

There are 3 popular different marriages in the world. Firstly, the traditional, White wedding, Islamic weddings etc. Before this marriages would be conducted, couples tend to release their pre-wedding pictures. Mostly, through their social media handles.

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The pre-wedding pictures are taken with different postures to make it more appealing to viewers. The pre-wedding pictures is a sign that marriage is on its way to take place.

Pre-wedding Pictures of Amal Umar

Kannywood young actress Amal Umar set the internet and social media on fire. This was due to her beautiful pre-wedding pictures. Infact, the pictures were beautifully taken. She also looks beautiful and gorgeous.

In the pictures, Amal Umar was wearing all red lace material, while her groom was wearing Babban Riga(Kaftan). The couple were a beautiful sight to behold. Indeed, the couplesm all looked all love up starring each other. Love can be seen to be reigning in the air. Amal Umar and her groom are just too adorable. Checkout the stunning pictures pre-wedding pictures below.

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Brief Biography of Amal Umar

Beautiful actress Amal Umar was born on on the 21st of October 1997. She is currently 24 years old. Amal Umar is known for the role she played in the MTV Sugar. A series drama which is being aired by MTV.

Filmography Of Amal Umar

Hausa actress Amal Umar joined the Kannywood film industry in 2015. Amal Umar did her primary education in Kano State. She then proceeded for her secondary all in Kano State. The beautiful Hausa actress had so far featured in more than 50 films. Amal Umar recent films include, Kayi Nayi, Aisha, Ke Nake So, Kaddara, Na Ladidi, Maya,Makota, Hakinta, Zainabu Abu, Tsakaninmu, Burin Masoyi,Gidan Danger and many more.

Amal Umar will continue to extend her tentacles in different speciality at the Kannywood film industry. She is indeed, a talent to reckoned with. At least, two heads is better than one.

Amal Umar is Now An Entrepreneur

In the same vein, Amal Umar is now an entrepreneur and employer of labour. Entrepreneurship is another way of increasing our income. The Hausa actress recently opened her own shop. Amal Umar deals in assorted varieties of clothing materials and its accessories. Indeed, two hands are better than one. A time of trial, another supportive business will surely be if help.

Ali Nuhu Saves Ummi Rahab as Adam A Zango Reveals Relationship

King of Kannywood, Ali Nuhu was there to to motivate and associate with Amal Umar. He did a very good job in supporting the actress. This is what mentorship is all about. Experience and older actors should lend a helping hand to the upcoming actors. This is will go a long way in motivating to do better. Checkout picture below.

Amal Umar and Ali Nuhu

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