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Pre-wedding Pictures of Actor Alhaji Badamasi and His Beautiful Bride

Alhaji Badamasi and His Beautiful Bride

Pre-wedding pictures of actor Alhaji Badamasi and his beautiful bride. The “Gidan Badamasi” is series sitcom and comedy being aired by Arewa 24 TV. The film is now in its third season.

The third season was aired on the 1st of April 2021. The much anstiscipated series sitcom came with a different story dimension. This time the story is more refined ,funny and interesting.

The Gidan Badamasi is suitable for all ages. Because the storyline captures all age brackets. The story so far, is about a wealthy man who became a miser(Alhaji Badamasi).

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Alhaji Badamasi grew up as an orphan in the hands his security’s mother (Taska). He went through a lot of life struggles to attain the status he now enjoys. Alhaji Badamasi is the typical Northern rich man that marries and divorces his wives.

Alhaji Badamasi married from almost all tribes across the Northern part of Nigeria. He has even lost count of his children. But can identify them through their mothers.

Alhaji Badamasi’s children who were at large, decided to trace their lineage by searching for their father. Most of the children were able to eventually find their father one after the other.

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Since the children have different mothers, they have different characteristics and also home upbringing. Some are rough,others behave crazy while are refined and religous.

Apart from marrying different women, Alhaji Badamasi is a confirmed and certified miser. Alhaji Badamasi loves his wealth so much, that he hardly gives it out to his children. Due to his lifestyle, it made the children to be thirsty of his wealth. They devised a plan to steal money from their father.

When Alhaji Badamasi became sick, his numerous children became more desperate to know were their father was hiding his money. They were so eager to execute their plan on time, should in case he dies. The quest to get rich had totally blinded their thinking. The many children did their best and we’re successful. They were able to lay their hands on their fathers wealth. But at the end, he always got better.

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Alhaji Badamasi on sighting how his children were desperately wanting to cater away with his wealth, he entrusted a large amount of his wealth to his daughter who is a medical doctor.

Alhaji Badamasi’s children teamed up, drug their sister who had the trust of their father. They were able to get their hands on their money at last. But were not able to spend it. This was because their father employed a team of security investigators to locate them and get them arrested. They all had to go into hiding.

Alhaji Badamasi’s children became frightened by their father’s action. They begged their Uncle to seek for forgiveness from their father on their behalfs. After series of consultations, their father eventually forgives them.

Although Alhaji Badamasi has forgiven his children and wives, but has truly lost trust and faith in them.

Recently, Falalu A Dorayi the director of the film, shared pre-wedding pictures of Alhaji Badamasi with a beautiful teenager. It seems the Casanova miser rich man is up to it again. This time he is marrying a younger woman old enough to be his granddaughter. This might be associated with his children actions.

We don’t know how the film will end. What role would the beautiful young teenager add to the flavour of the film. Falalu A Dorayi said the new episodes would be entertaining, educative and interesting. Checkout the beautiful pre-wedding pictures below.

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The Gidan Badamasi sitcom featured so many big actors. Some them are Hauwa Ayawa, Umma Shehu, Ado Ganja, Falalu A Dorayi, Hadiza Gabon and many more actors trending. You can also watch the episode one of the series sitcom through this link.

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