18 signs of Judgement day 1-6 are already happening

18 signs of the Judgement day. 1-6 are already happening. The judgement day is day of resurrection. It is a day where all people will converged on one ground waiting for the judgement of Allah. It’s also the called Ayyaumul Kiyama. On that day, only our good deeds will save us. What Will Happen On […]

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16 Types of Foods That Can Create or Eliminate Mucus

16 types of foods that can create or eliminate mucus. You don’t want to be caught in the public trying to cover up the flow of mucus from your nose. The scene of flow of mucus is disgusting. Checkout food that can cause or eliminate mucus below. What is Mucus Mucus can be defined to […]

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Infidelity:What Happened To Lady That Slept With Sister’s Husband

Infidelity: What Happened To a lady that Slept With Sister’s Husband. I really felt bad,touched and always have regrets anytime I remembered how my sister had an affair with my husband. More details below. Human Beings Are is Unpredictable Although the pains of deception, mistrust and betrayal were too much a burden for me to […]