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Funny Pictures of Fati Washa

Funny pictures of Kannywood actress Fati Washa. It’s fun time so lets get the ball rolling with funny pictures of Fati Washa. Kannywood actress Fati Washa has joined the trend of actors like Rahama Sadau, who loved taking pictures of themselves posing funny. Well it seems that Fati Washa is in good spirit and it’s […]

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Public Holidays in Nigeria 2022 Calendar

Public Holidays Nigeria2022 calendar. The term Public holidays refers to a day set aside which people of a particular country, state or province stay at home. It is also a special day that is regarded as work free day for all citizens of a particular geographical disposition. Every country has its own types of public […]

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Mike Oliver Who Infected 20 Women with HIV in Kenya has been Arrested

Mike Oliver who infected 20 women with HIV has been arrested. One Mike Oliver, an expatriate who was said to be an advocate for HIV/AiDS has been arrested for infecting dozens of women with HIV He started trending on social media for the wrong reasons has been arrested. Details below. He became more popular after […]