Omotade Sparks Has Been Arrested In Sokoto By EFCC

Omotade Sparks picture courtesy EFCC

Omotade has been arrested in Sokoto by EFCC. The ponsi scheme operator has been hiding since he defrauded millions of Nigerians of their hard earned money. Omotade Spark whereabouts was unknown until his arrest.

Omotade Sparks who defrauded Nigerians claimed to have registered his crytocurrency in Brazil. The suspect claimed to have millions of naira at his disposal. The money which can be withdrawn as an ink Pink coin. Omotade Sparks also said he was a saviour that hopes to eradicate hunger from Nigeria.

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Many Nigerians out of greed or poverty decided to registered for the scheme. The Insknation website was created. All members were asked to deposit N1000 for registration. The money was meant to qualify members to enjoy the dividents of crytocurrency.

Although Omotade Sparks demanded N1000, his subordinates were defrauding Nigerians more. They requested from 2500-5000. They also made Nigerians to register for more by including every member of their families.

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It was an organized setup as the website was designed by a professional. The Insknation family call Omotade Sparks as “Universal Daddy. All members were given a plastic card which would be used to withdraw money.

Omotade Sparks

To date, due the careful organization of the Isknation. Many found it hard to believe they were defrauded. In fact their hopes are still high and more registration is still going on.

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Thanks to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for a good job as he has been arrested.

The EFCC had been under going an underground investigations into the fraud case. But Omotade Sparks was always on the run.

Luck ran it out of Omotade Sparks, after EFCC got information about his whereabouts. EFCC learnt that he was now residing in Sokoto State of Nigeria.

The EFCC Sokoto branch has confirmed the arrest. The suspect is in their possession given useful information towards the investigation. See links as provided by EFCC.

About Omotade Sparks

He founded the Insknation ledger and first supposed Nigerian crytocurrency named it Pink coin. Omotade Sparks is called the universal daddy. The Insknation leader alleged that he will definitely ends hunger in the world with his crytocurrency initiative. Furthermore, he made millions of Nigerians to believe his institution is being registered by the Nigerian goverment.

In addition to that, he also frauded millions of Nigeria by collecting their hard earned money through registering from the scene. The registration fee to collect the millions of Pink coin was just N2000. Omotade Sparks claimed the money will multiply into millions which in turn would be used by the client. Revelation by the Nigerian goverment had now shown that all along it was fraud. That was even the reason he was been trailed before his arrest?

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