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Obasanjo Forms New Party Seeks Collaboration Of Three Key Governors

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Obasanjo forms New Party Seeks Collaboration Of Three key Governors

Former President Obasanjo is full of many dramas. Obasanjo has been a noise maker and dwelling into political issues. Obasanjo has also been a strong critic of President Buhari. Sometimes he figures out the truth, sometimes it’s based on criticism. Obasanjo doesn’t seems to stop.

Recently, Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasango has called the secession move as “idiotic”. The former president, tackled the IPOB and Yoruba nations agitators with the greatest opposition.

Obasanjo mentioned that to push for Nigeria’s disintegration at a period, where Africa gears towards political, economic and social reintegration is idiotic.

Unveiling The Name Of Obasanjo New Party

Obasanjo in a bit to break PDP and APC decided to give Nigerians a suprise. Obasanjo has decided to form his new party called “Hybrid”. The party would be a consensus of top key political wigs in the three regions. And also the two powerful political parties in the country.

Even from name hybrid party, it seems the party would be a strong one. Obasanjo has not made public the party. But has been going round mobilising his keen loyalists and die-hard supporters. This includes his friends, all across the country to actualise his ambition.

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The former president of Nigeria, was accused in the past of norturing the ambition of installing a government, that would be answerable to him. Since Obasanjo cannot contest again.

Obasanjo had also in the past, tried to go for a third time by trying to change the constitution. But it failed.

A group of Nigerians have accused Obasanjo of having a hand in the poisoning of late Sani Abatcha. But it has not been proven.

According to our source, Obasanjo is hoping to harvest many key members of the two major political parties into his new party as a result of the forthcoming preparations for 2023.

Obasanjo is said to be seriously leaning on the potential rancour that would envelop the ruling APC over the conduct of its primaries. And their inability to manage the discontent, coupled with the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari is not likely to intervene in the crisis. Since he is not contesting again.

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Why Obasanjo Is Worried About The Influence Of South-South Governors In PDP

The ex-President is also said to be worried about the overbearing influence of a South-South governor in the PDP. And the simmering altercation with the National Chairman of the party, Prince Uche Secondus.

Obasanjo’s goal of having a new party might be actualized. Due to the fact that weakening the cohesion would have helped the Hybrid party, to work as a family. Hoping that it would take over power from the APC.

Obasanjo is not without his fears. He is afraid of the growing personalisation of the party by one man. And the growing rancour with other stakeholders of the PDP and he does not want to put all his eggs into the troubled ship, a close ally of obasanjo said.

In fact, it was for these reasons that the former President has been moving round gathering support. Obasanjo has also been consulting with those he believes can help in realising the new political thinking.

According to our source, three former governors of Osun, Jigawa and Kwara states would join in the party. Obasanjo also has hope that other coordinators he had drawn from across the six zones of the country. As well as the structure of the fledging political movement, would be unveiled.

We await to see how the events would be unfolded. What are your views about Obasanjo new political dream?. Can Obasanjo actualised his dream of forming thr Hybrid party?Let’s get the ball rolling with your comments.

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