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Nigerian Immigration Service Ranks Training Allowances and Recruitment

Nigerian Immigration Service Ranks Training Allowances and Recruitment. The NIS is amongst the paramilitary security outfits in Nigeria. It was established on 1st of August 1963. The Nigerian Immigration department came into existence when it was formally established by an Act of the Parliament, Cap I71, Laws of the Federation Nigeria. See Details Below for Full Story.

More About The Nigerian Immigration Service

Addition to that, in 1988, the Service was assigned with the responsibility for the issuance of all Nigerian travel documents which included the Nigeria Passports.

Furthermore, as the service grow, the head of the department became known as the Director of Immigration Service. Nowadays, the head of the Immigration Service is known as the Comptroller General.

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Why Nigerian Immigration Was Established

The Nigerian Immigration service was established in order to cater for Immigration services and issuance of passwords to Nigerian citizens.

Detailed Hierarchy (Ranks) in the Nigerian Immigration Service

Every security outfits has its rank. The military, police and even private security are assigned ranks. This is in order to have a detailed hierarchical relationship within a particular security outfit. See the ranks of Immigration Officers in order of their hierarchy below.

1. Comptroller General Immigration Service (CGIS)

2. Assistant Comptrollers General (ACGI)

3. Assistant Comptrollers (AC)

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4. Superintendent of Immigration.

5. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI)

6. Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)

7. Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)

8. Immigration Assistant (IA)

9. Passport Officer

Comptroller Generals Immigration Service (CGIS) Since Inception

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1. Harrison, Esq (Chief Federal Immigration Officer) from 1962 – 1966

2. J. E. Onugogu, Esq (Chief Federal Immigration Officer) from 1966 – 1967

3. Alayedeino, Esq (Chief Federal Immigration Officer) from 1967 – 1976

4. Alhaji Aliyu Muhammed (Director of Immigration) from 1977 – 1979

5. Alhaji Lawal Sambo (Director of Immigration) from 1979 -1985

6. Muhammed Damulak, Esq (Director of Immigration) from 1985 – 1990

7. Alhaji Garba Abbas (last Director of Immigration, 1st Comptroller-General Immigration Service – CGIS) from 1990 – 1995

8. Alhaji Sahabi Abubakar (Comptroller-General Immigration Service – CGIS) from 1995 – 1999

9. Alhaji U. K. Umar (Acting Comptroller-General Immigration Service – Ag. CGIS) from 1999 – 2000

10. Lady U. C. Nwizu (Comptroller-General Immigration Service – CGIS) from 2000 – 2004

NIS Training Allowances

Nigerian immigrations gives N30,000 as training allowances. This on monthly basis for the period of six months.

Nigerian Immigration Recruitment 2021

The Nigerian immigration is presently not recruiting officers for 2021. This was in a press release it made to curtailed fraudulent publications of a recruitment published July 2021.

According to the publication, the NIS said the attention of the Comptroller General of Immigration, CGI Muhammad Babandede MFR has been drawn to some online publications inviting unsuspecting job applicants to apply for some vacancies in the Service.

In the said publications, NIS stated that the post alleged that recruitment is going for the paramilitary outfit. The fraudsters gave their website in which they demanded applicants fill a form on the website

Hence, NIS has warned Nigerians not to fall victims as it is currently not recruiting. It further stated that all the content of the publication was false. It however warned Nigerians to deceased from applying for NIS from unverified news. In order not to fall victims of the scam. You can verify any recruitment by logging in to the website below for more details.

References and Pictures: NIS website and Google search

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