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N-Power Gives Email Hotlines For Redeployment and More

N-Power Beneficiaries

N-Power Gives Email Hotlines For Redeployment and more. Good news for those N-power beneficiaries wishing to change their redeployment. This is because the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has now made it easier for them. Details

See Why Batch C Engagements Came With A lot of Issues

Remember, the batch C beneficiaries were recently engaged. But it wasn’t without hitches and scratches here and there. The whole procedure engagement was made online. From the registration, test, uploading of documents, revalidation of documents. In fact, beneficiaries had to reupload their documents four times validate their registration.

Furthermore, after the batch C beneficiaries were thortlisted, they were also asked to download their redeployment letters. The procedure was also hectic as the system was down and it had to be upgraded. Successful beneficiaries waited for closed to 2 weeks before the system became stabilized.

N-Power officially Launches Enrollment of 500000 Batch C Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries Suffered During Physical Verification

Beneficiaries had a very rough time during the physical verification. Firstly, going for physical verification was also a problem. This was because locating the centres was difficult. Secondly, the server was down and officials were missing in some States.

To add salt to injury, most beneficiaries were not able to conduct thumb printing that will also verify them as valid candidates in time. It took the timely intervention of some state governors, to make the exercise possible.

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Redeployment Issues

A lot of beneficiaries were posted to wrong places. Some even deployed to different States away from their residents. Most of these beneficiaries affected opted for redeployment. But the process is also long. Beneficiaries were required to take their deployment letters to their places of Primary assignments. Thereafter seek for rejections if they are not satisfied with the PPA.

Subsequently, the beneficiaries were also requested to reupload their deployment letters to proof rejections. Before the Humanitarian ministry will change their place of primary assignments to that of their choices.

See N-power Hot Lines and Emails For Redeployment


Good news for all beneficiaries that wish to be redeployed to different states. According to Humanitarian ministry, if they wishe to change their PPA they can do so. The beneficiaries are required to kindly send an email to .

N-Power officially Launches Enrollment of 500000 Batch C Beneficiaries

However, those beneficiaries that wished to change their Places of Primary Assignment within their stateof resident should kindly fill the deployment form on the portal. Afterwards submit and await further instructions that would provided for them.

For further inquiries, ministry stated that they can call 092203102, 018888148. Email:

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N-Power draws attention of Nigerians to recent recruitment publications asserting that N-Power Batch D recruitment is going on. Furthermore, the post also gave a website https://www/

In addition to that, N-Power also warned applicants to stay away from the publication as it is fake news. It also urged N-Power Nigerians that it will inform them of any recruitment whenever it starts.

What are your thoughts?Are you having redeployment issues? then your problems are over. Call the above lines or email the link provided above.

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Pictures and References: N-Power website and Social Media Handles

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