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Ali Jita Biography Career Marriage Education Net Worth Phone Number

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Ali Jita Biography career, marriage education net worth and phone numbers. The artist has dominated our screen for more than a decade. He is talented and gifted. Follow us as we unveiled his biography, musical career and lifestyle. Details below

Biography of Ali Jita

Kannywood musician Ali Jita was born on the 15th July 1983 in Kano State. His parents relocated to Lagos State where he proceeded for his primary education. In addition to that, he also completed his secondary education in Lagos State. After his secondary education, Ali Jita decided to come back to Kano State for his tertiary education.

In Kano State, Ali Jita proceeded to Bayero University for his diploma certificate in public Administration. The artist and musician also further his education to obtained his degree in public administration.

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Musical Career of Ali Jita

After the completion of his tertiary education, Ali Jita decided to pursue is musical career. The passion for music is what Ali Jita developed from childhood. During his primary and secondary education, he was found of singing and writing his songs. Many of his childhood friend had even predicted that Ali Jita will become an artist in the future. True to their words, he became a musician and also a successful one.

The music that brought Ali Jita to limelight was Mai Jita. It became prominent and rose him to fame. Infact he later adopted the name since most people were already calling him Ali Jita

The award winning artist and songwriter write all his songs by himself. He is a talent Hunter and helps in breeding younger artist under his record label.

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The Concept of the Name Ali Jita

According to musician and songwriter Ali Jita, he got his stage name”Jita” from his friend Adam A Zango. This was because they all started singing together in a group. The artist explained that anytime he and Adam A Zango want to record a song, he usually tells Adam A Zango to put the Guitar (Jita) for him. That made Adam A Zango to call him with the name Ali Jita.

In addition to that, there always also another song he wrote titled Ali Jita which made waves and people love it. Hence fans were also calling Ali Jita anywhere they see him. So made the move to make the name part of him.

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Role Models of Ali Jita in Music

Ali Jita said late Mamman Shata, a reknowed Hausa music wa his first role model in music. In his words in BBC chat he had he mentioned that” iloved and admire Mamanm Shata musical skills.” In Europe, it was Westlife songs that aspired Ali Jita. The artist also said he like musician Mudassir.

Marriage and Children

The handsome artist has been married for over decade and has only one wife. The marriage has been fruitful and blessed with five children. 3 handsome boys and two beautiful girls.

Wishing Ali Jita the best of luck as he uses music to inspire and touch the lives of his fans?Which song did you first know the musician with?Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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Ali Jita’s Hobbies

Ali Jita had explained in the past that he love football. In his leisure time, he like to watch football. He added that his best club is real Madrid. In addition to that, Ali Jita also loves to play football video games when he is less busy at home. He also explained that he has a large collection of latest football video games from the market.

Net Worth of Ali Jita

Ali Jita is estimated to be worth between $1000,000 to $2000000.

Phone Numbers of Ali Jita

Future Plans

Ali Jita is planning to go on your in Europe. He plans to your USA and France. This is in order to create a larg fan base within and outside Nigeria.

Ali Jita Advises Upcoming Hausa Musicians

The artist recently gave advice to upcoming Hausa musicians. According to Ali Jita, music has become widely accepted in Northern Nigeria unlike before. He added by saying that when he started music newly, parents were even skeptical to give out their children for marriage to Hausa musicians. So, now that the perception has changed, they should embrace their career wholeheartedly.

Furthermore, he also told them to use their proceedings to assist the less privilege. Since little earnings comes from the musical career.

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