Islam:Mufti Menk Advises Muslims on Ways To Avoid Heart Diseases

Mufti Menk

Mufti Menk Advises Muslims on what to do to avoid heart diseases. The heart disease describes the range of conditions affecting the heart. Heart Disease can also be said to be conditions that affects the heart.

There are different types of heart diseases. But the most commonest ones are Bood vessels disease,such as Coronary artery disease,heart rhythm problems ,Heart defects and many more.

When a person is affected with a heart disease, it becomes very hard to cure it medically. But it can be manage.. Most heart disease can be treated nowadays if it’s dictated early. Normalising the high blood pressure and lowering Cholesterol level can assist in reducing the risk of the heart disease.

Islam is the heart of medical knowledge. Many Islamic physician practiced it, because it’s a safe alternative cure for diseases. The Islamic medicine started during the period Prophet Muhammad SAW. Natural products are used to cure diseases. Most of these medicines are eco-friendly and doesn’t have any side effects.

There is also another method of curing spiritual affliction through Ruqya and supplication to the Almighty Allah. Some recognized verses of the Quran are read to cure spiritual affliction. Allah SWT is Arrahman and Arrahim. (Beneficient and Merciful). Whatever we seek from Him he grants it to us. As long as it will be beneficial to us.

Mufti Menk recently took to his social media handle to give Muslims advice on how to avoid heart diseases. Mufti Menk might have noticed the high rate of heart diseases in the world.

According to the Mufti Menk, we should ” keep supplicating to the Almighty. It’s one the best cures for heart diseases. Communicate with your heart and soul. Get close to him. He will comfort you. Don’t search for happiness in a place where you will not find it. Know that true happiness comes from Him alone.”

Indeed Islam is clear about supplication and prayers. Allah SWT said he created us in order to worship him. All the goodness of life are made to support us in worship. So form a habit of supplicating.

There are simple prayers that we can do to fill our heart with Allah. Examples like Subuhanallah, Wal Hamdulillah, Wa Lailahaillallah, Wallahu Akbar. We can also be doing a lot of Istigfar. Innalillahi Wa Inna ilayhi raji’un can also serve in terms of troubles and distress.

See Original Post of Mufti Menk Below

In another latest development,Mufti Menk shed lights on the variation in observing the month of Ramadan. Mufti Menk explained that it was normal for Muslims to start fasting on different days. This was due to variation in their Latitude. See his tweet below.

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You can also watch Mufti Menk on his YouTube channel below

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