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Miyetti Allah Says Poverty Ignorance and Lack of Land is Motivating Banditry

Miyetti Allah said that poverty,ignorance and lack of land is motivating Banditry. This was made public by the secretary general of the Macban Uthman Ngelzerma.

The secretary general of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association said their was conspiracy that occured. 3million cattles were stolen from the cattle rearers. This had caused so much poverty into the lives of these cattle readers that they had to subject to Banditry to survive

Another factor according to the MACBAN secretary is the issue of land acquisition. The cattle rearers are the only Nigerians without a land. He solicited the forum’s support to create a pressure group to prevail on the government to establish settlements for pastoralists in the country.

“When they get settled in a place, it will become easier for the government to give them education. It will also become easier for them to enjoy all those things other citizens are enjoying in the country. But as it is now, they don’t enjoy anything from the government. While they contribute more than any other society to the government. Because they supply the nutritional needs to the Nigerian population”.

“We have over 400 grazing reserves in the country but only three are in the Southwestern part of Oyo and Ogun. All the other grazing reserves are in the northern part, all put together having about five million hectares.

“If this can be utilised, it is enough to settle these landless people. They are the only landless people in the country; the pastoralists are landless. They stay in a place, when development comes, they move and leave the place. This is a very big challenge,” the MACBAN leader said.

In my own opinion, there is no justification for criminal acts. Imagine! just one victim Kidnapped can pay the whole 3 million cows. Since huge ramsoms are paid before people are freed. Common let’s call a spade a spade. Are they telling us that all victims of their evil acts should also result to kidnapping?

What do you think?Is poverty, lack of lack of land and ignorance the motivating factor for Banditry. Share your views with us today.

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