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Meet Upcoming Actress Aisha Najamu(Izzar So) Biography and Acting Career

Aisha Najamu

Meet Kannywood upcoming actress Aisha Najamu(Izzar So), Biography and acting career. The actress is among the reigning actresses and new hands in the Kannywood industry. The light skin actress, Aisha Najamu is beautiful, elegant and gorgeous.

Aisha Najamu is popularly known by her stage name Aisha Izzar so. The actress is one of the most talented and loved actors in the series sitcom called Izzar So. Aisha is also being sought out by many producers. Her stars are so bright in the Kannywood film industry.

Meet Upcoming Actress Aisha Najamu(Izzar So) Biography and Acting Career

Biography of Aisha Najamu

Aisha najamu was born on 8th of April 1995 at Jigawa State. It’s located in the Northeastern part of Nigeria. Aisha completed her Primary and Secondary in her birth place of Jigwa State. After the completion of her Secondary education, she was married off. The marriage produced 2 lovely sons.

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Acting Career Of Aisha Najamu

Aisha Najamu joined the Kannywood industry in 2029. Aisha Najamu had the passion of acting from childhood. But didn’t actualised her dream until her marriage failed. Aisha Najamu decided to pursue her career.

Aisha Najamu came into limelight, after she got featured in the blockbuster series sitcom Izzar so. The actress featured alongside the vibrant producer Lawan Ahmed ,who is also the producer of the film.

Aisha Najamu successfully gained recognition for her good performer in Izzar So. The actress is loved and respected by her countless viewers due to the excellent acting skills.

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Aisha Najamu is not left aside in socialising, as she is is gradually building her social media presence. Aisha presently has more than 100k Facebook followers and fans in just few months of operating her page. Aisha would probably become a leading actress in the future because of her popularity.

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Wishing Aisha Najamu Izzar So the best of luck as she embarks on the journey, to better her skills and infulfilling her goals.

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