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Meet Kannywood Actress Jamila Nagudu, Career and Biography

Jamila Nagudu’s Early Life

Jamila Nagudu

Jamila Nagudu can be best described as one of the most celebrated,innovative and intelligent actresses in the Kannywood film industry.

Jamila Nagudu has proven to the world that she can stand the taste of time. This is because Jamila has spent almost two decades in the Kannywood film industry. Jamila has remained relevant due to her dedication, perseverance and hard work.

Early Life of Jamila Nagudu

Jamila Nagudu was born in Bauchi State, Northeastern Nigeria. As a child, the actress said she had the passion for acting. Jamila said, it was always amazing watching the Indian films. They were relevant films back then.

Jamila Nagudu couldn’t realised her dream of becoming an actress due to culture. It was the perception of people around and family, that actors are indicisplined. They also think they morals. Jamila was then married off at a very young teenage age. Her husband reside in Jos , Plateau State.

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Some years back, actors are seen in the Northern part of Nigeria as children with moral decadents. But the perception has since changed with the likes of actors like Jamila Umar Nagudu,Hadiza Gabon,Rahama Sadau,Ali Nuhu and many more who are achieving great things.

Educational qualification and Marriage of Jamila Nagudu

Jamila Nagudu did her Primary and Secondary education all in Bauchi State before she was married off . In Plateau State, Jamila continued her married life . She was blessed with a child.

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The marriage didn’t stand the taste of time. After her marriage didn’t workout ,Jamila decided to pursue her long time ambition of becoming an actress.

Jamila Nagudu’s Acting Career

Jamila Nagudu relocated to Kano State. She joined the Kannywood film industry in the year 2002. Jamila had mentioned in the past that said coping with the stress of acting was so much burden forher. But she was able to overcome it and conquered it. Jamila Nagudu is a testimony that, good virtues pays.

Jamila Nagudu came into prominence when vibrant Director and Producer Aminu Sairawa featured her in the film Jamila da Jamilu. Jamila has so far featured in more than a hundred films. Among which are-

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Filmography of Jamila Nagudu


Dakin Amarya


 Kiwo 2011

Shu’uma (The Evil Woman) 2013

Wani Gari 2013

Waye Isashshe ND

Ya Salam ND

Zatona ND

Ƙayar Ruwa 2015

Mati A Zazzau 2020

Garba Gurmi 

Da magana 





Kisan Hutu 

Dan Bala

Hayin Sallau

Ruwan dare 

Manyan gobe 


Karshen tika tiki



Maya 2020

Awards Nominations and Achievements

Jamila Nagudu has been nominated and also worn many awards. Among which are Best Actress in Kannywood(Kasa Awards. Jamila was also nominated for the BON Awards) The actress is an ambassador of Globacom and Ajinomoto.

Jamila Nagudu has also participated in the first Hausa) Hindu film. The actress co-starred with one of Bollywood gallant players, the famous Johny Lever. Jamila Nagudu was opprtuned to have a taste of Bollywood films. She also had the taste to work alongside with Indian Superstars. This was the first ever Hausa movie short in Mahatma-Gandhi territory.

Jamila Nagudu is one of the highly respected actresses in Kannywood. Due to the way she had conducted herself. Many upcoming actors like Maryam Yahaya, Aisha Tsamiya had mentioned in the past that, she was a source of inspiration and a role model to them.

It’s important to respect one self. It’s also a good thing to portray virtues that can be emulated in the society. Because you don’t know who is watching you.

Most social influencers play very important role in shaping the society either negatively or positively. Whatever social influencers like actors, artist do, it turns out to be what is in vogue or reigning.

Brief Biography of Jamila Nagudu

Jamila Nugudu was born on the 10th of August 1984. She is from Bauchi State. Jamila Nagudu was once married and has a lovely son to her credit. She is an actress, a producer and an entrepreneur.

Jamila joined the Kannywood film industry in 2002. Eighteen years down the lane and has remained relevant, resolute and resourceful. What are your views about the actress. Let hear it from you.

Checkout her recent pictures

Checkout Jamila Nagudu’s pictures below. The actress hasn’t aged a bit.

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Instagram and Facebook pages of Jamila Nagudu

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