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Meet Kannywood actors Teema Yola and Maryam AB Yola Who are From Adamawa State

Teema Yola and Maryam AB Yola

Meet Kannywood actors Teema Yola and Maryam AB Yola who are from Adamawa State. The state has a very fanscinating history of having prominent Nigerians and personalities.

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar is from the State. The present wife of the Nigerian President, Aisha Buhari is also from the state.

The state is also proud to be associated with many actors. These include, Maryam AB Yola, Teema Yola, Teema Makamashi and many more.

About Adamawa State

Adamawa State is situated in the Northeastern part of Nigeria. It state with the highest cultural diversity. It has more tribes than any other state in Nigeria. But the most prominent tribes are Fuldulde, Momuye, Kilba, Marghi, Lunguda and many more.

The people of the state are mostly farmers. They depend on farming to feed their family. Most notable food being cultivated are Maize,millet,soya Beans and grandnuts.

Teema Yola

Teema Yola is from Adamawa State. She was born on the 11th of May. Teema Yola is Fulani by tribe. The actress is in her early 30s. Teema Yola completed her Primary and Secondary education all in Adamawa state.

The quest to become an actress made Teema Yola to take the bold step to Kaduna State where she started acting. Teema Yola have featured in many blockbuster films. Most recent is the “Labarina Series. Teema Yola starred as Rukayya. She is a friend to Sumayya (Nafisat Abdullahi).

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In the film, Rukayya acted as a backbone to her friend Sumayya who was obsessed with Mahmud. Rukayya role was to offer advices to her friend and to protect her from external aggression .

Teema Yola acted perfectly as if the film was a reality. That earned her more fans due to her good Samaritan nature.

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Maryam AB Yola

Maryam AB Yola started acting as a youngster. She was very professional in her all her films. Maryam AB Yola is also Fulani by tribe. Maryam AB Yola is also from Adamawa State. She completed her Primary and Secondary all in Yola, Adamawa before joining the Kannywood industry.

The film that brought Maryam AB Yola to prominence was the film “Nass”. The actress assumed the role of a religious teenager who was not ready to settled with a rich guy called Nass(Adam A Zango). She was called Amatullah in the film. Amatullah did her best in the film to change Nass into a better lover.

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In addition, Amatullah did her best to changed the psyche of Nass. Because of the love Nass had for Amatullah, he decided to turned to a new leaf. Nass later married Amatullah.

Suprisingly, Maryam AB Yola eventually married Adam A Zango in reality. Many thought the marriage will last. But it soon crashed less than a year into it. The two actors have maintained a cordial relationship with each other.

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Maryam AB Yola

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