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Meet Cleopatra Kambugu The First Ugandan To Be Identified as a Transgender

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What is Gender Reassignment

A gender reassignment is a surgery that a person takes to change their genders. Either to male or vice versa. The practice is common in Europe and allien to Africa.

Furthermore, a gender reassignment occurs when people feel uncomfortable in their respective genders. They go through the surgery, in order to make corrections for genders they felt uncomfortable in.

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Uganda Now Recognize With Gender Reassignment

The East African country Uganda, has taken a step to recognized gender reassignment. This was through adjusting its laws to accommodate transgenders. Recently, the Ugandan government gave a legal backing by accepting it’s first transgender Cleopatra Kambugu.

According to a BBC post, it reported that Cleopatra Kambugu received a new password which recognized her as a female. This would be a new beginning for Cleopatra Kambugu.


Although Uganda, has imposed yet another anti-gay laws,it still shown recognition for transgeders. Due to the new laws it did to pave in way for the transgender community in Unganda.

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Cleopatra Reactions To Uganda Recognising Her Transgender Status

Cleopatra said she felt happy for the milestone she had achieved in her life. This Cleopatra attributed to her new gender. Miss Kambugu said she went through hell in trying to prove her identity.

She continued by saying that because her passport has “M” it was frustrating. Airport Officials make her prove her identity. This was because she had to strip naked sometimes for them to know that Miss Kambugu is now a female.

In her own words, she stated that “He was like: ‘Are you a man or a woman?’ and it was so embarrassing. You don’t have to look at someone’s genitals to know who they are. We have biometric systems at border points. I particularly asked this immigration officer if I could use my biometrics to prove who I was. So I really didn’t know why I had to be identified with my genitals.

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Good News For Uganda Transgender

Well good news for Ugandan transgenders. This is because they can happily have a passport that has the same sex as what they now regconize. Though many African countries are still against changing genders due to believes.

Hence, most Africans have the ideologies that changing a fender is like being ungrateful to God who created us. But we should respect what people want as long as it affect us directly.

Who is Cleopatra Kambugu

Cleopatra Kambugu born male. She was first known as Ceaser Kentara Kambugu. But later did gender reassignment to become a woman. She is 35 years old. Cleopatra Kambugu was born in 1984 in Bakuli. A suburb in the outskirts of Kampala Kambala.

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Cleopatra Kambugu Childhood

Cleopatra Kambugu

Cleopatra Kambugu had a difficult childhood while growing up. Furthermore, she suffered a lot and growing up, Miss Kambugu had 11 siblings. Her transitioning into a female brought a lot stigma to her. Cleopatra Kentara was once featured in the award winning documentary “Pearl of Africa” in 2016. This was for her recognition for transgender advocacy.

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