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Meet Beautiful Actress Aisha Tsamiya Her Acting Career and Pictures

Aisha Tsamiya

Meet Beautiful actress Aisha Tsamiya. Her acting career and pictures. The actress has created her niche at Kannywood film industry. She is pretty intelligent and skillful.

Biography of Aisha Tsamiya

Aisha Tsamiya was born in Nasarawa local government area of Kano State, in Northwestern Nigeria. In the year 1992. She is currently 28 years of age.

Educational Background

Aisha Tsamiya did her primary education at Gingiyu Primary School The actress then proceeded to the same Gingiyu Secondary School. She is currently pursuing her University Education at North West, University Kano State.

Breakthrough In Acting Career of Aisha Tsamiya

Aisha Tsamiya had explained in the past about her acting career and breakthrough. The actress explains how she began acting by accident. “It was the absence of an actress who happened to be her sister that turned out to be her breakthrough.”

Aisha Tsamiya explains how her sister was supposed to go for an audition but was absence on stage. The Director then asked her to step in for her sister. Aisha Tsamiya was eventually replaced with her sister’s scene. That opportunity was her breakthrough in her acting career.

Aisha Tsamiya’s first film was “Tsamiya”, which she later adopted as her stage name. The film was produced by producer Habibi Yaro in 2001. Aisha Tsamiya did her best to impressed her directors. She eventually got the role. It became her turning point to success in her career.

Films Aisha Tsamiya Featured in

Aisha Tsamiya had so far featured in more than a hundred films. Amongst which are Tsamiya,Ranar Baiko,Hanyar Kano,Bahaushiya,Da Kishiyar Gida,Dakin Amarya,Husna,Jaika,Mai Dakikin Aure(Match Maker),Niqab, Mjahon Gida, Rauwa Bayan Mutuwa and many others


Aisha Tsamiya isn’t only an actress but she is a philanthropist. Aisha Tsamiya is passionate about the poor in her environment. The actress mostly likes to give out to the needy. She donates Money, clothing and food items to the less privileged persons in Kano State.

Most times during fasting periods, Aisha Tsamiya saves and distribute her packages to the less prievileige. This is because Ramadan, it’s a month of giving to those who cannot afford to feed themselves.

Nominations And Awards

Aisha Tsamiya has achieved a lot at a very young age. In 2014, Aisha Tsamiya received the City People Award for Best Actress of the Year in Kannywood. The award had motivated Aisha Tsamiya to push to the top. Aisha Tsamiya is ranked amongst the top actresses in Kannywood film industry.

Checkout More Beautiful Pictures of Aisha Tsamiya

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