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Amal Umar

Meet Kannywood actress Amal Umar, Biography, acting career and more. The actress is amongst the most celebrated upcoming actresses in Kannywood. Amal Umar is indeed the most promising actress in Kannywood film industry, looking at her fast rising progress in her career. She is young but talented. Details below

Amal Umar Taking Advantage of Her Teenage Age

Hausa actress, Amal Umar has proven to the world, that age is just number. She also believes that talents supersede age. The beautiful actress is indeed taking advantage of teenage and youthful age. The Kannywood actress stands amongst the youngsters actors. Infact, beautiful Amal is termed to be discipline, intelligent and innovative.

Hausa Actress Amal Umar is a Determined Person When it Comes To Her Career

Amal Umar started her acting career not very long. But she was able to extend her tentacles to penetrate the Kannywood industry and even beyond. Indeed, determination is the key to a successful career. Amal Umar has also extend it towards Nollywood film industry. This has earned her more roles and recognition in her acting career.

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Biography of Amal Umar

Amal Umar was born on the 21st of October 1997. She is currently 24 years old. The Hausa and Nollywood actress was raised and brought up in Kano State. In addition to that, Amal Umar did her Primary and Secondary education all in Kano State before venturing into acting as a young teenager. Interestingly, beautiful Amal Umar had graduated from Maitama Sule University with Diploma Certificate.

Acting Career of Kannywood Actress Amal Umar

Amal Umar had the passion for acting from childhood. The actress waited to finished her secondary education first before venturing into acting. Furthermore, Amal Umar officially started acting career in 2015. This was when she joined the Kannywood industry. The beautiful Hausa actress was relatively not known until she got featured in the film “Itikam”. Since Amal Umar’s appearance in the film “Itikam”, the actress became famous and also known to the world.

In addition to that, Amal Umar acts in both Hausa and English Nollywood films. Amal has featured in the film Mind consciousness, where she showcased her mastery of the English language.

Furthermore, the beautiful’ actress ability to merged and expressed herself in both Hausa and English languages fluently has given her an edge over many Hausa actors. Especially, in the Kannywood film industry. We can’t forget her role in the MTV film “Shuga” were Amal acted as Hadiza.

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The Film Shuga

In the film Shuga, Amal Umar acted as (Hadiza). She portrayed as a young teenager who was married off to an older man. But not contented with her marriage status hence she felt the need to explore better life opportunities. Infact, Hadiza(Amal Umar) decided to take a bold step towards leaving her marriage. And starting life a fresh.

The reason for leaving was because Amal(Hadiza) wanted to pursue her dreams. The actress ran away with her mother to Lagos State. The film is so interesting, educative, entertaining and intriguing. It also has a lot suspense. Amal Umar had so far featured in more than 50 films. Amongst which are Sarauniya, Gwaska’s return and many more.

In addition to that, Amal Umar is presently being featured in the film “Yar Minister”. She acts alongside Rahama Sadau. The film Yar Minister, showcases how the rich and mighty children misbehave. It also showcases the consequences behind their negative actions.

Awards and Nominations

Hauwa actrese Amal Umar has won many awards and also been nominated for awards. Among the awards she worn, include City People Movie Awards For Kannywood Most Promising Actress. Amal Umar had also been nominated for the City People Movie Award for the Kannywood Best Supporting Actress

Latest Pictures of the Actress Below

We selected latest beautiful pictures of Kannywood actress Amal Umar. Details below

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In conclusion, we are wishing the actress the best in her future endeavors. We hope she continues to give us the best of entertainment with her acting skillls and potentials.

Which film did you first know Amal Umar with?. What do you think of this he biography acting career and latest pictures of Amal Umar? Are you an aspiring actor or actress?Be part of our conversation today by commenting below.

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Amal Umar Social Media Handles

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