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Marriage Compilation Pictures of Hausa actress Ummi Rahab

Ummi Rahab and Lilin Baba

Marriage Compilation Pictures of of Hausa actress Ummi Rahab. Kannywood beautiful teenage actress Ummi Rahab tied the knots with her sweetheart Lilin Baba on the 18 of June 2022. It was a beautiful love story that ended well. Details below


Ummi Rahab

Ummi Rahab is our beautiful teenage actress. She is from Kaduna State and Fulani by tribe. The actress was born in Saudi Arabia. But her parents came back to Nigeria after her birth. Ummi Rahab first appeared on our screens when she was just 7 years old. She acted in the film “Ummi”

Furthermore, the Hausa actress acted as the daughter of Adam A Zango and Jamila Nagudu. Ummi Rahab though still a child acted perfectly and professionally. This earned her the love and admiration of the public. So many fans were hoping to see more of Ummi Rahab’s films. Fans also want to see her gr into a beautiful actress. But that didn’t Happened. Instead, she went off our screens.

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The Emergence of Ummi Rahab Back the to Kannywood Film Industry

Many people had even forgotten about Ummi Rahab when she suddenly resurfaced. This was beautiful she had disappeared for over a decade. Her fans thought she will never come back to the industry. Well Adam A Zango who acts as her foster father was the one that brought Ummi Rahab back to Kannywood. Infact, to make her popular, Adam A Zango gave Ummi Rahab the lead role in his series sitcom “Farin Wata”.

Ummi Rahab Marriage Dinner

However, many people have criticized the role Adam A Zango gave Ummi Rahab. This was because this time around she starred as Adam A Zango’s girlfriend. Well Ummi Rahab was professional about her role. Until Adam A Zango professed his love for Ummi. The beautiful actress was furious because in her mind, she took Adam A Zango as a foster father and mentor. At that period in time Ummi Rahab was just 18 years old.

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Disagreement With Adam A Zango

Adam A Zango and Ummi Rahab are not in taking terms. This is because the two actors have refused to com to a compromise about a marriage proposal. Adam A Zango had proposed to Ummi Rahab but she had blankly rejected his offer. She opted for younger Lilin Baba and said she wants to make her own choice in marriage. Infact she frowned against Adam A Zango’s proposal. Ummi Rahab Sited Adam A Zango’s numerous failed marriages with teenagers. Ummi Rahab said she refused to be turned into a divorcee at a very tender age.

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However when Adam A Zango saw how Ummi Rahab refused his marriage proposal, he did the unexpected. Infact Adam A refused Ummi Rahab from his series sitcom “Farin Wata”. Well luckily for Ummi Rahab, Ali Nuhu came to her rescue. He gave her a role in his new series “Wuf”. Ummi Rahab Indeed had continued to shine until she recently married Lilin Baba on the 18th of June 2022. I like Ummi Rahab’s determination and sense of reasoning. She was firm and refused to be dictated or pushed into a forced marriage.

Dinner Pictures of Ummi Rahab’s Marriage

Marriage Compilation Pictures of Ummi Rahab (White Wedding and Kamu)

Football Match Organised By Lilin Baba


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Wishing Umm Rahab the best in her marriage life. We hope that she will have an everlasting marriage. A marriage that will stand the taste of time. What are your views of Ummi Rahab and Lilin Baba’s recent marriage solemnization?What do you love about the two actors?Share your views by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase our views.

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