Mansurah Isa Replies Teenager Who Asked Her To Be His Sugar Baby

Mansurah Isa

Mansurah Isa Replies Teenager Who asked Her to be his Sugar Baby. The former actress and social influencer was blown away after a young teenager asked her to be his sugar baby. Her answers was intriguing.

Mansurah Isa is the wife of popular actor Sani Danja. They have been married for more than a decade and are blessed with four children. 3 boys and a daughter.

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Mansurah had once mentioned that her daughter is her best friend. Marrying and having a first Child as a female had shaped her life.

According to Mansurah, she grew up not having a younger sister to play with. Hence giving birth to baby girl has filled that void she uses to have. It has also given her the opportunity to have a younger sister. The one that she can converse with.

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Divorce To Sani Danja

Mansurah and Sani Danja few months back had a conflict. It led to a divorce. Most of their fans were not happy with the development. They bombarded the social media with millions of reaction. This was because they are one of the most emulated and celebrated couples in Kannywood. Their divorce brought heartbreaks to many of their fans.

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Well according to rumours making rounds on social media, the couples are back together as one family. I believe they have resolved their differences. Marriage comes with a lot of conflicts of interest. But with time we get to know each other. People forgive because to err is human and to forgive is divine. Hence the need to live as one family is paramount.

What is Mansurah Isa Doing After Retiring From Acting

Mansurah Isa is presently have a health store online. She is a chef, a brand Influencer of different companies, event planner and also into humanitarian services. She has an NGO that caters for the enlightenment of families on education. The NGO also assist the less prievileige to secure quality education.

See The Reply Mansurah Isa Gave A Boy That Ask Her To Be His Sugar Baby

Social media is filled with many characters and people with different family background. Sometimes their reactions is either positive or negative. Caution must be taken not to be affected by their responses.

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A teenager recently message Mansurah Isa. He demanded that she hook up with him and be his sugar baby. Former actress and mother of four answer him back diplomatic. See how the conversation went on below.


Hello beautiful, are you interested to be my sugar baby?

Mansurah Isah:

No I will prefer your mother. Please send me her pictures below

Checkout Fans Reactions Below

“I love her reply that boy is very stupid how can you ask a married woman out.Is she divorced?”- Aisha Indo

The 3 able boys of Mansurah Isa

“This is madness she is the mother of 4 how can this Little boy she give birth to tell her such she is a nice a woman aunt don’t mine them just continue with your good work May Allah protect you from all evil people.”- Sakina Adamu

“Hmmmmm,to me I didn’t see anything wrong with her reply I can even say she’s right
If not that he’s stupid who else didn’t know that Mansura is Married with Kids ma despite she’s an Actress but before”.

“So why will he approach married and respected woman Like Mansura Isah or didn’t he know her Husband Sani Musa Danja or what?
Dis is stupidity and immorality”🤨🧐-Kahdijah Salisu Muhammad

What answer will you give if a teenager old enough to be your son asked you to be his sugar mommy?Be part of this conversation by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article.

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