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Love in the Air As Sahabi Madugu of Kwana Casa’in Weds

Love in air as Sahabi Madugu of Kwana Casa’in weds His Hearthrob. It was memorable moment for Kwana Casa’in actor Sahabi as he conducts his wedding solemnization.

The indisputable and Incorruptible journalist of kwana Casa’in becomes the newest bridegroom in Kannywood film industry. The good news was made public by Kannywood celebrities.

Kannywood celebrities was happy to celebrate with one of their own as he gets married over the weekend. The newest couples look so beautiful in the picture. The journalist was looking so happy in the picture.

Aminu Hussaini Musa aka Sahabi Madugu has recently married his heartthrob, Malama Hassana. The couple who both held from Kano State tied the knot last weekend.

The wedding celebration was well attended by dozens of people including family members, friends, colleagues and well wishers. Several Kannywood stars especially those featuring in Kwana Casa’in drama cre had added flavour to the event.

Sahabi indeed got married to the love of his life. He married a black beauty. Indeed, black is beautiful. As she glitters in her wedding dress. Marriage is one of the most important phases of our lives. That each one of us wants to taste and also experience. It brings lots of memories that only married couples can share.

Sahabi Madugu of kwana Casa’in is one of the actors that made the Arewa24 sitcom to become more interesting and entertaining. He assumes the role of an Incorruptible, journalist who was ready to deliver the best information to his people of Alfawa State.

In the film, Sahabi was a journalist who was into investigative journalism. He did his best to unravelled many mysteries happening in his State. Firstly, it was the continues murders of under aged children and also the removal of vital organs of these children through ritualism in the state.

Many children were disappearing without a trace or reason. The journalist seek to find out those culprits behind the happenings. Indeed, he was able to get vital information about the perpetrators of the evil acts. The journalist also to brought the alleged criminals to face the wrath of the law. He also followed up until the criminals were tried and prosecuted.

Secondly, Sahabi also went about to investigate the high rate of corruption in his State, that bring about cost of living to his people. And also poor electricity outreach. Sahabi Madugu went about to investigate the politicians behind the said acts. The journalist made a shocking revelation. The Governor and his cabinets were all involved.

Sahabi risked his life to investigate the high profile politicians. In the process, he almost lost his mother. It was a very dangerous undertaking. But the journalist was able to stand firm. He also refused all gratifications allocated to him to drop the case. He was able to push the case forward and indict the governor and his cabinets.

Apart from the investigations, Sahabi also fell in love with “Salma”, the daughter of the corrupt Governor. Due to the love affair, it made the journalist to be in a dilemma of thinking twice over his decision. But Salma shares the same ideologies with the journalist. She encouraged him to stand for the truth, even though her parents were involved. She was an upright person and went against her family and became a backbone of the journalist.

The very high profile investigations led to the arrest of the governor and made him to be prosecuted. The film is a masterpiece. It dwelled into the lives of corrupt politicians. It also showcased how corruption and evil acts can be overcome with people of character. The theme of the film centers in “Corruption Does Not Pay”.

Sahabi was able to stand against all odds because he believed in the truth. And also he got the love and support of the governors’ daughter. True Love can scale through the highest obstacles and remain firm. The character Sahabi plays is a testimony that love can make us overcome all troubles.

Wishing our newest couples in the Kannywood entertainment industry a happy married. We also hope that the marriage stand the taste of time.

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About Sahabi Maidugu

Aminu Huseini Musa (Sahabi Madugu) is amongst the casts of the Arewa24 sitcom called Kwana Casa’in. He came into prominence after featuring in the same sitcom. Three years down the lane and he has become a very vital part of the sitcom which is in its third season.

Sahabi Madugu was able to fashion his acting into action to produced a favourable results for his producers. Many actors have either been removed or switch. But due to the excellent skills of the actor, he has remained part of the cast and also relevant.

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