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Women Hate Men that Posseses this Quality

Women Hate Men that Posseses this Quality. Every woman wants to have the best qualities in her man. Some like tall men and Masculine ones. Their reason for wanting such men is because they want to be protected by their man. Read to learn about the quality that women hate most in men.

Why Women Admire and love This Type of Men

Women feel that a masculine man means great protection to them. Tall men on the other hand, are mostly being loved and admired by women. They admired them because they are masculine,dresses immaculate. The dresses also suits them perfectly.

Well an adage says one man’s meat, is another Man’s poison. Some categories of women don’t care how handsome,tall or masculine you are. They look for men who are hard working,intelligent, focused and innovative. This is because they always bring a plate of food home.

Women Have Faith in This of Men

Men who are hardworking or have skills are generally termed to as being able take good care of their wives and children. Women have faith in them. They have this believe that they good in hustling and struggling for the sake of their family. Come rain come shine,their family is always their first priority. Some women prefer to be with them.

But have you ever wondered what women hate most in men?.There is a bad quality that men displayed towards women, thinking they will loved by them. But on the contrary, they are totally mistaken. It brings hatred.

A lot of men have lost good women just because they have this particular quality. Do you want to know why women hate such categories men?follow us to as we unveiled this particular trait or quality.

Women Hate a Man That Posseses This Quality

The worst quality that women hate to see in their men, is a man who is termed to be “Yes Man”. Yes, a man who in the traditional Nigerian Hausa language is called Be ta Zai Zai meaning Follow Follow in pidgin English.

Some men think being too nice to a woman, portraying weaknesses and being a a Yes Man will make women see you as the best on the side of a woman. Well it’s capital NO.

The fact is, no woman want a man who is a weakling. A man that has no say in a relationship. The type of a man that is only following what a woman says either good or bad. This particular quality pisses women off. Women want to be treated well and also be loved. But they want a man that can put them through when they are wrong. But being a Yes Man is frustrating to the woman. She doesn’t feel secured.

Hencr, these categories of men are presumed not to able to protect a woman in terms of troubles or any other ineventualities of life. Many women see such men as immatured and the type women should take to their heels whenever they come in contact with such men.

Women Want Men That Have Say in Relationships and Also Do This

Every woman want a man that can have a say in decision making in a relationship and marriage. A man that can set his rules. Women want men that can protect a woman and also be there for her in all her undertakings.

Women hate men that cry or beg women, even when they are right in an argument. Remember women mostly are self centred and can make decisions rashly. So they actually need a man that can speak out and correct their wrong doings instead just being a “Yes Man”.

Next time you want to impressed a woman in a relationship, please don’t be a Yes Man. Don’t be a man that man that always begs,cry or will shiver in front of Woman even when he is right. Women see Yes men as pretenders.  

Please be a man a woman can be proud to introduced to her friends and family members. 90% of women hate to see weakling men. And also men whom are always dancing to the tune of women either it’s good or bad.

Are you one of these “Yes Men” or have come in contact with such women?Share your views by commenting below. Like share the article and follow us on our Facebook page at Sahara News Watch to keep a date with our latest updates.


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