Latest updates on Peace Corps of Nigeria Bills

Latest updates on Peace Corps of Nigeria Bills.  After the Nigerian Peace corps bill was stroke out by President Buhari,all hopes was lost. This was because the bill had passed through the final reading. Nigerian Peace Corp members were hoping that their bill will finally be passed into law. But reversed was the case. See latest updates.

Why President Buhari Rejected The Peace Corps Bill

Unfortunately, the bill was rejected by President Buhari. The President maintained that the dwingling economy situation in Nigeria was the reason for the forfeture of the bill. President Buhari added by saying, that so much money will be needed to finance the corps. And Nigeria, at the present doesn’t have that money.

Well their is still good news as the bill has been revisited and had also passed the first reading. There is hope that the National Assembly Chambers will harmonised the versions of the bill.

Hopes Are High The Two Versions of The Bills Would Be Harmonized

There are two versions of the bill. The Hunters Vigilante Corps and the Peace Corps Bill. Both bills are doing great and hopefully it might be passed into law.

According to the leadership of the National Assembly of Nigeria, it has ordered the Committee on Interior in its two Chambers to harmonised the bills. This is in order to urgently organise a 2-Day joint retreat.


In the retreat, the committee hopes to reconcile the two versions of the bills. This would take place before the 2 Chambers. Firstly, the sitting would be for an Act to Establish the Nigerian Peace Corps pending before the Assembly.

Hunters Bill Retreat and That of PCN is Going On

In addition to that, the retreat for Hunters Bill, whose public hearing was scheduled to take place on the same day as that of peace Corp. It took place on 19th and ended on 20th October 2021 respectively in Abuja. NPC Bill on the other hand, has been scheduled for Thursday 21st and will ends 22nd October.

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Cost Implications To Be Borne By Nigerian Peace Corps

Cost implications for the hearing of the bill would sponsored the Hunters Vigilante and the PCN. Alhough it is a welcome development, the cost implications will be borne by Nigerian Peace Corps. This means that accommodation, feeding and provision of logistics for the Secretariat Staff at a designated hotel within the Capital City of Abuja would be sponsored by the PCN.

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PCN Orders State Commandant To Remitt Proceedings Accumulated By The Corps

Lastly, in order ensure that PCN meet up the expectations, the National Commandant, Prof. Dickson Akoh has directed the Deputy National Commandant, Finance and Account, Pat. Omolola Ahmed to reach out to all State Commandants. This was with a view to finding out the Proceeds generated so far by various State Commands. And to use it for the hearing.

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