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Latest Updates On Maryam Yahaya’s Sickness

Maryam Yahaya

Kannywood youngster actress Maryam Yahaya has been sick. The actress has been down and was not able to act for sometimes now. Maryam Yahaya’s sickness has been circulated widely with many people saying out their own side of the story. Rumours has been going with different versions everywhere.

Is Maryam Yahaya Suffering From Effects of Black Magic

Most of the rumours had it that her rivals in the industry have used black magic on her. Many have asserted that Maryam Yahaya now has spiritual issues that has made her incapacitated. And also unable to be able to stand on her feet and continue her acting profession The theories are just too many. This has drawn a lot of sympathy for from all corners

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Maryam Yahaya’s Mother Speaks On The Actress Sickness

Due to fans and public pressure. Maryam Yahaya’s mother had debunked claims that her daughter has spiritual problems. She also cleared the air on her daughter being inflicted by black magic.

Maryam Yahaya’s mother granted an interview to explained that all the rumours about her daughter was fake new. She also explained that the sickness bordering her daughter was entirely different. Not as widely speculated by majority.

3 Things That Happened To Hausa Actress Maryam Yahaya in 2022

Recently, Maryam Yahaya has come out to debunked rumours surrounding her sickness. She has also cleared the air and laid down all rumours. This was in a telephone interview Maryam Yahaya had with a BBC Hausa correspondent.

Is Kannywood Actress Maryam Yahaya Sick

In the telephone interview, Maryam Yahaya stated that she isn’t suffering from any spiritual problem and had never suffered from one.

See The Sickness Maryam Yahaya is Suffering

Maryam Yahaya also stated that she is suffering from Malaria and Typhoid Fever. Maryam Yahaya further explained that she has been down for just a month.

Hopefully, Maryam Yahaya stated that she would he back to the Kannywood industry in a month’s time. In order to continue with her career.

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Maryam Yahaya Appreciate The General Public

Maryam Yahaya thanked her fans and the general public for their love and concerns. She reiterated that she couldn’t have been able to go through her state of health without their love and concern. Maryam Yahaya further explaines how grateful she was for them being there for her.

The actress continued by saying that she is now feeling better. But recuperating. Maryam Yahaya said she doesn’t have any issues now. Apart from her lack of stamina, which can be attributed to the sickness.

Apart from what she mentioned, Maryam Yahaya said she was also grateful to her colleagues. That is because they all came over to visit her. They also stood firm and supported her. Almost all her colleagues had visited her and showered her love.

Indeed, from her voice, it’s evident that the actress went through a lot. Her voice was cracking and still sounding like that of a sick person.

Wishing Maryam Yahaya speedy a recovery. We all love and missed her excellent acting skills. You can watch the BBC Interview through the link below


Maryam Yahaya truly back on her feet?

Maryam Yahaya

Maryam Yahaya is now back on her fit. She recently uploaded a picture and tagged it “Alhamdulliah”. Meaning Praised be to Allah. Indeed she looks fit but emaciated in weight.

See Latest Sick Pictures Maryam Yahaya as She Recovers

Latest:Maryam Uploads Picture on Independence Day

Maryam Yahaya is recoperating. On the 1st of October 2021, She uploaded a picture of herself dressed in colours signifiying the green and white colours of the Nigerian flag. She looks so beautiful and healthier. Good patriotism on her side. Good luck to her.

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About Maryam Yahaya

Maryam Yahaya is one of the Kannywood actors that started acting at a very tender age of 18 years old. Her first film was Mansoor. Maryam Yahaya replaced an actress who was absent.

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It became her turning point and rise to stardom. Presently, Maryam Yahaya is 24 years old.

Maryam Yahaya is an indigine of Kano State, Northeastern Nigerian. She is from the Hausa Fulani speaking people of Northwestern Nigerian.

References: BBC Hausa

Pictures Maryam Yahaya Instagram and Facebook pages

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