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Latest Pictures of Hassana Mohd Aisha Najamu and Aisha Humaira

Hassana Muhammed Aisha Najamu and Aisha Humaira

Latest pictures of Kannywood actors Hassana Mohd, Aisha Najamu and Aisha Humaira. The actors are three Kannywood rising stars.

All the actreses are beautiful, hardworking and talented. They have also touched our lives through their many intellectual and entertaining films. Let’s have a look at their individual acting careers below.

Hassana Muhammed

Hassana Muhammed

Kannywood beautiful actress Hassana Mohd. The actress is from Kaduna State. Hassana Muhammed is loved by many fans. This is because of her talent and acting skills.

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Hassana Muhammed came into prominence, after she was featured in the film “Hafeez”. Hassana Muhammed is eloquent, beautiful and stylish.

The film “Hafeez” changed Hassana Muhammed’s life and made her to become popular. From a relatively not known actress, to a well known one. Aisha Najamu had since become a household name.

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Hassana Muhammed is a single woman. She is looking for Me right. Wishing Aisha Najamu the best in her quest to get a soulmate that she would live happily with.

We selected some stunning pictures of the Aisha Najamu. Have a look below.

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Aisha Najamu

Aisha Najamu

Aisha Najamu is from Jigawa State and Hausa by tribe. Aisha Najamu was initially a dancer. She rise to stardom after she was featured in the film called “Izzar So”. The film is a love story about some young lovers and the obstacles they did experienced on the cause of their love affair.

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Aisha Najamu did her best to captured the audience, through her excellent acting skills. Since then, the actress had gone down to get act many films.

Aisha Najamu was once married and is blessed with two lovely sons. Let scroll into her beautiful gallery to see her stunning pictures below.

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Aisha Humaira

Aisha Humaira

Aisha Humaira is from Gombe State and Fulani by tribe. The actress is the description of shy and dedicated actress. Aisha Humaira came to the entertainment industry as a novice with no acting skills.

Aisha Humaira was trained and groom. Today Aisha Humaira stand amongst the most successful in the industry.

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Aisha Humaira came into limelight when she l also was featured in the film “Hafeez”. The film was her turning point and rise to stardom. Aisha Humaira was able to put her acting skills into action to produce a favourable result for her.

Aisha Humaira is unmarried. The actress had explained in the past that she hopes to get married. As soon as she finds a Good fearing husband.

Last year rumours had it that she got married to a fellow actor. But it was later discovered that it was a scene from premiered film. Let’s have a look at some of her latest pictures below.

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