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Latest on Tiwa Savage and the Trending Viral Video

Tiwa Savage and Boyfriend

Latest on Tiwa Savage and the trending viral video. The beautiful actress and mother of one has become a trending topic on Google and other searching tools due to her recent viral tape. Tiwa Savage indeed had made a great mistake. Tiwa shouldn’t have allowed herself to be videotaped by current boyfriend. Especially while making it out. Latest details.

Furthermore, one wonders why Tiwa Savage allowed herself to be videotaped while mating her boyfriend. Talkless of showing only her face while that of the boyfriend was not visible. Only eleven second video and Tiwa Savage whole life is in turmoil.


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Who Is Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage was born Tiwatope Savage. Her mother is Cecilia Savage. Father is now late. Tiwa Savage was born in Isalo Eko. But relocated to America. At the age of 16, she started to sing. The beautiful artist also has tantalizing voice which is well filtered.

In addition to that, Tiwa Savage’s voice had won her alot. It gave her the opportunity to become backup singer for these famous musicians. These includes Mary J Blige, George Michael and many more.

How Old is Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage was born on the 5th of February 1980. The musician is a very talented woman. This is because Tiwa is a songwriter and also singer.

When Did Tiwa Savage Stated To Sing

The songwriter and musician starter her musician career in 1996. Twenty years along the lane and it can be said to be a magnificent journey for her. Tiwa has worn many awards and is considered to be a role model before the ugly incident that happened to her. The release of her video having carnal knowledge with her boyfriend

Why Did Tiwa Savage Did a $ex Video

It can be attributed to many reasons. Either negative or positve. Checkout 4 reasons that made Tiwa Savage to allowed herself to be recorded.

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1. Love

Love can make us to do funny things. It can also change an adult to become a child. When we are in love, we tend to dance to the tune of our lovers. And in the process, we end up doing funny things..or hurting ourselves.Tiwa Savage might be dancing the tune of her boyfriend to make a video out of love.

2. Publicity

Maybe Tiwa Savage needed a cheap publicity and decided make her own video making love. So that she can make a huge publicity about her album, in which musician recently released. doing funny things.

According to Tiwa, she alleged that it was her boyfriend who mistakely posted the video and later deleted it. Something is sneaky and need to be investigated about the incident.

What is the reason or mission for a grown up man to post such an intimate video ? Why wasis his face only showing in the video? How did someone got hold of the video after just a few seconds of releasing it. This and many questions Tiwa Savage need to answer to her fans. Including the general public and sympathesers.

3.Bad Association and Company

More Reasons on Why Tiwa Savage Did an Intimate Video Below

When we associate with people of questionable characters, we will always get into trouble. The people we associate will define us. If Tiwa Savage had a good boyfriend, he wouldn’t have posted her intimate tape. So it is important that we associate with people that are of good character. Tiwa Savage made a big mistake in having a relationship with her present boyfriend.

4. Exploiting More Sexual Avenues

Many people want more avenues to enjoy her their sexual activities. This includes video taping it and viewing it. Although it is wrong, some are addicted to porn. Tiwa Savage maybe wanted to enjoy watching her porn video.

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Latest Updates On Tiwa Savage Viral video Video

Firstly, Latest updates has shown that Tiwa Savage viral video wasn’t a mistake. But intentional. The boyfriend might be the same person extorting her for money. Since he was the only person having the video at hand. The boyfriend is also the person that had posted it.

Secondly, rumours going round had it that Tiwa Savage purposely made the video for publicity. Indeed she is trending for the wrong reason. Infact, Tiwa Social Media Handles followers has drastically increased. People’s ears are fixed to the ground to hear the latest about the incident.

See What Sonia Ogiri Said About Tiwa Savage Viral Video

Celebrity star girl Sonia Ogiri has described Tiwa Savage viral video as misleading to fans. According to her, Tiwa Savage should grow and be wise with her age. At forty years, Sonia thinks Tiwa shouldn’t had allow herself to be recorded while making love.

Furthermore, Sonia expresses her dismay over Tiwa unprotected love making. The celebrity figure thinks Tiwa Savage isn’t playing safe while making love is misleading as portrayed in the viral video.

Lastly, Sonia said the viral video is also an issue as it sends wrong message to the public,youth and fans. This is because Tiwa Savage is role model and a public figure says Sonia Ogiri. According to Sonia, the younger generation would want to try it out without using protection.

Tiwa Savage Expresses How She Copes With Leaking of Viral Video

Tiwa Savage had recently expressed how she feels about the viral video. The artist and musician also expressed efforts she is making to control her emotions and the negativity that comes with the leaked video. See picture below.

See Tiwa Savage S€x Video Below


Tiwa Savage Having Sucidal Thoughts

Is Tiwa Savage having sucidal thoughts? According to Tiwa Savage latest post on social media, Miss Savage gave hints that shows she is in danger zone. This is because she recently posted, I quote” some people would be happy when I am no more.

Well that’s pretty serious. Tiwa Savage shouldn’t have been thinking that way because life comes with so many challenges. It can also be either good or bad. I also get to understand that many people including some celebrities, have asserted that she might had used the viral video to trend. And that Tiwa Savage should blame herself for the negative backlash.

Why Only Time Will Tell The Truth

In my own opinion, public thoughts might be true or false. Since all are presumption and the person affected had denied her involvement. Only time will tell the real story and truth.

Wishing Tiwa Savage the best. We all love her sweet voice and talent. We pray Tiwa Savage doesn’t take the wrong decision by taking her life or causing harm to herself. The future would be brighter. We also hope Tiwa Savage continue believe in more positive thinking. And let bygone be bygone.

What are your views about Tiwa Savage viral video. Do you think she released it herself or her boyfriend it?Share your views by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article.

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