Lady Reacts To Her Trending Post About Backing Baby in The UK

Fimilayo Ademoye

Lady Reacts To Her Trending Post About Backing Baby in the Uk

A lady has reacted to her trending post about backing a baby in the UK. Remember, the lady, Fumilayo Adeboye posted a picture of herself backing a baby in UK. Miss Adeboye added by saying that when she backed her baby, the white were astonished by her. They stopped her and asked her how to do it. Follow us for the full gist.

Fumilayo Ademoye mentioned that they had buy Ankara fabrics. Miss Ademoye added by saying that she then showed the whites how to tie the wrapper. In order to accommodate the child. According to Fumilayo, the white people gave the backing of the baby a name. She said they called it “wearing a baby”.

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See Reason Why Fumilayo Posted The Picture

Miss Ademoye said to her, it was a flawless post she made to show the beauty of African culture. But was surprised when most Nigerian bloggers stated to write articles about her. In fact,the post was trending everywhere. It became the talk of time.

The UK lady has since reacted to her post. According to her reaction,b have since left Tiwa Savage leak video. And that the bloggers started to use her post to trend. Fumilayo recalled that, the post in question was made by her two months ago. The post was about backing her daughter Shindara.

In addition to that, Fumi Ademoye said she was surprised to see her post trending with different topics by Nigerian bloggers. According to her, it most be a slow day in the blogging world. Miss Ademoye ended by saying that hence she will make a thank you to her page friends. This is because people she never met or know have been sharing her post.  See original post below.

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Checkout Fumilayo’s Original Post Below

“So you blogs left Tiwa and her leaked tape and started trending the post I made months ago where I backed Shindara.
“Nigerian lady in uk yenyenyen.”
It must be a slow day in blog world🤣
I am going to make my page friends only thankyouverymuch, people I don’t even know have been sharing my post willy nilly all day”

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How Tiwa Savage Was Trending For The Wrong Reason and Why She Should Never Do That Again

Tiwa Savage

Nigerian musician, Tiwa Savage had her own criticism and was also trending for the bad reason. This was due to her sex video which she allegedly shared by her boyfriend and was later deleted. 

Indeed thew is a global village. Before you know it, sex video was all over the internet. It has been captured by someone. People started bombarding the musician with negative comments.

Tiwa Salvage Should Have Been More Careful and Cautious

Truly, as a mother and an older woman clocking forty, Tiwa Savage should have known better. That her action will have negative impact on son. Miss Savage son would be affected psychologically and mentally. This is because his classmates might have hold of the sex tape and show him. Miss Savage should not had anyway make sex videos. Unless she was doing it for cheap publicity.

Hence, Tiwa Savage should remember that even her great grant children the video will affect them. Sometimes our actions tend to hunt us for the rest of our lives.

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Good Reason That Fumilayo Should Applaud The Reason For Her Trending

Well back to Fumilayo Ademoye, she should know that her trending was for a good cause. And that she should be celebrating not mocking the writers of the article. Although her privacy was tempered, but her page is public.

Fumilayo’s Facebook page doesn’t have privacy restrictions. It is a free to read Facebook page without privacy regulation being attached to it.

What are your views to UK lady reacting to her trending post about backing a baby?You can be part of our conversation by commenting below at the comment section. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase page views.

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