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Ladidi Tubeless Answers 12 Questions About Her Lifestyle

Ladidi Tubless

Ladidi Tubeless answers 12 questions about her lifestyle. The beautiful actress is amongst the first pioneers in Kannywood. Ladidi is presently in the series film “Labarina”. She starred as the mother of Mahmud. Follow us as give an insight into her lifestyle.

1.Have you ever been married?

Ladidi Tubeless:

I was married once but later got divorced. The marriage didn’t produced any children. But i hope to be married again to have my children like other women in the society.

2.Where did you get Tubeless attached to your real name?

Ladidi Tubeless:

Well it was during a shooting of a film. Precisely the film “Shiga Sharo Ba shanu”. It was Dilla (Rikadawa)that gave me the name and since then the name became my stage name.

3.Which State are you from?

Ladidi Tubeless:

I am from Kaduna State. From Sabon Gari, Narasara. I was born and brought up in Kaduna State. I spend a considerable period of my years in Kaduna State.

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4.What makes you happy?

Ladidi Tubeless:

Money makes me happy. It brings a lot of comfort and joy. I don’t have money now. But when acquire mass wealth, I would be happier.

5.Who was your first boyfriend?

Ladidi Tubeless:

I don’t have. I am too old for that.

6.I mean your childhood boyfriend?

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Ladidi Tubeless:

I cant remember now. This is because it’s a long time ago. I am getting old. I don’t think i can still remember.

Ladidi Tubless with a friend

7.What is your best food?

Ladidi Tubeless:

Rice flour with Baobab soup(Tuwo Da miyan Kuka). I love it so much.

8.When you come in contact with fans,what questions I you mostly asked?

Ladidi Tubless:

Fans want to know who “Mahmud Labarina series father is?. They want to know where he is?. I always tell them to be patient because subsequently, they would come to know about him.

9.When did you start Acting film?

Ladidi Tubeless

I started a long time ago. Since i was in secondary school. I never knew I will reach to this age still acting. But it is now my source of food and also my career.

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10.Which countries do wish to visit ?

Ladidi Tubeless:

I wish to visit Saudi Arabia again. I also love to visit Central Africa. I love the country so much.

11.How Many languages can you speak?

Ladidi Tubeless

I am not good with languages. But I do speak some languages on the pheripheri. Like Kataf,Igala and Gwari. I just know how to greet in the languages.

12.What is the day you can’t forget?

Ladidi Tubeless:

The day I lost my father. It’s my darkest day. I will always remember it till death.

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